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Microsoft Cloud Vision and Strategy


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An overview of Microsoft\'s cloud strategy with a focus on productivity.

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Microsoft Cloud Vision and Strategy

  1. 1. “A standardized IT capability, such as software, app platform, or infrastructure, delivered via Internet technologies in a pay-per-use and self-service way.” “How To Message "Cloud" Offerings And Not Get Lost In The Fog”, Forrester Research, Inc., July 2009
  3. 3. “Enables us to reduce IT operational costs by roughly 30%”- Glaxo Smith Kline “We expect a savings of approximately 40 percent annually” -Gordon Petersen, City of Carlsbad, CA
  4. 4. UsageCompute Time Average Inactivity Period Average Usage Compute Time Compute Time Average Usage Compute Time Average Usage
  5. 5. No one questions that Microsoft can write great software. Customers want to know if we can be innovative, scalable, reliable in the cloud. (1996) 450M+ active users (1997) 550M users/mth (1998) x100M users Largest non- TCP/IP cloud service (1999) 320M+ active users Windows Live Messenger (1999) 2 Billion queries/mth (2001) 20M+ active users (2003) 5 Billion conf mins/yr (2004) 2 Billion emails/day Web Applications (2010) 400M+ consumers at release MICROSOFT IS A LEADER IN THE CLOUD
  7. 7. Established in 1996Established in 1996 Used by 450M consumers Used by most Fortune 500, State and Local, Federal agencies Designed for The decision was not difficult. Enterprise foundation for an enterprise cloud offering.
  8. 8. Communication Enterprise Email (05/09) Web Conferencing (07/09) Unified Communications (09/09) Collaboration Information Access (09/09) Horizontal Portals (09/09) Enterprise Content Mgmt (10/09) Social Software (10/09) IT Project and Portfolio Mgmt (06/09) Infrastructure PC Lifecycle Mgmt (11/09) Software Change/Config Mgmt (03/09) Application Platform Business Intelligence (01/09) Data Warehouse DB Mgmt (12/08) Enterprise Application Server (09/09) SOA Business Process Analysis (09/08) New SOA Application Projects (12/08) Backend App Integration Projects (12/08) SOA Composite Application Projects (12/08)
  9. 9. Private Public Dynamic Data Center Toolkit for Enterprises Dynamic Data Center Toolkit for Hosters Web Applications Web Applications
  10. 10. Vendor Focus for Microsoft: Cloud Computing Is the Next Big Thing David Mitchell Smith e al July 24, 2009 “Microsoft's cloud strategy is visionary, and its ambitions are broad and span multiple dimensions including on-premises and off-premises deployments and a variety of business models.” SOURCE: 10K & 20K SEC Filings 12/31/08 Except Oracle 5/31/09, RIM, Sony and Nintendo 3/31/09 SonyOracleGoogleApple IBMCiscoRIMNintendo $1.1B $2.8B $2.8B $4.9B $5.2B $6.3B $.7B$.4B $9.5B 2009R&DInvestments See a preview at Microsoft takes a long term approach to on-premise and online technology innovation
  11. 11. 14
  12. 12. Then we add 9 layers of logical security… Authentication to Data Separate Data Networks Virus scanning Forefront EHS AV/AS Application Level Counter-Measures Application Authentication Systems Level Security Secure ID/Role-based Intrusion Detection System Firewalls Filtering Routers Non constructed data Malware Geo –redundant Data Centers Secured via SSL ITIL/MOF security framework