Peoples and Empires


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Peoples and Empires

  1. 1. By: Katelyn Gauthier<br />Peoples and Empires: <br />The First World Conqueror<br />By Katelyn Gauthier<br />
  2. 2. Paving the way for Alexander the Great: (1) Technological Changes<br />New weapons: Common weapons of the time proved no match for new and improved steel weapons which were introduced in the Mediterranean <br />New combat: First demonstrated in Greek warfare, the ideas of “cohesion,” “organization,” and the relentless desire to win, proved fatal to more primitive versions of warfare<br />The “War Machine”: the idea of a group of men fighting together as a single machine in warfare, which was demonstrated by the Athenians and came to be known as an army, proved to eventually be responsible for the “triumph of the West”<br />Alexander the Great –said to be the first to exercise these new technologies <br />
  3. 3. Paving the way for <br />Alexander the Great: <br />(2) Phillip II<br />The foundation for the eventual success of Alexander the Great was first laid by Alexander’s father, Phillip II:<br /> In creating the Macedonian army, Phillip II, successfully transformed Macedon from a state of civil and foreign unrest into a superpower.<br />Alexander the Great’s power was first initiated when he “Inherited both his father’s throne and his ambitions”:<br />  Alexander inherited the throne when his father was assassinated<br /> In honor of his father, Alexander strove to defeat Persian power<br />Began with an already strong army<br />  43,000 soldiers on foot + 5,500 soldiers on horse = largest Greek army ever<br />
  4. 4. Achievements of<br /> Alexander the Great<br />Alexander the Great was responsible for the simultaneous fall of nine cities <br />Continued his conquest, eventually seizing the Persian capital<br />His empire was said to have reached its limit after the invasion of Bactria <br />
  5. 5. The End <br />of Greatness<br />The growing success of Alexander the Great was halted shortly after his men refused to cross the Beas River which separated them from the lands of Ganges<br />His life came to a sad end when he literally drank himself to death<br />With no heir to the throne, Greece was divided, and most of what Alexander had fought for eventually crumbled<br />The achievements of Alexander the Great were said to have died with him<br />
  6. 6. What Was Left of Alexander the Great:<br />Became renowned not only for his conquests but also for his exploration and travel which some consider to be synonymous with wisdom <br />Served as a model for future rulers, such as Julius Caesar, Pompey, and Napoleon<br />Set a unique example by focusing on unifying rather than conquering <br />Is said to be the inspiration for properties adopted by empires from the time of ancient Rome all the way to the construction of the United States<br />