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Church Garden


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Information related to St. Christopher's garden to give fresh vegetables to the hungry.

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Church Garden

  1. 1. St. Christopher’s Crops A Feeding Ministry From 2007
  2. 2. Our Challenge In celebration of our 50th anniversary we were challenged by Fr. Steve to give something back to the community.
  3. 3. Mission Grow lots of vegetables to give to the feeding ministries in central Indiana.
  4. 4. Organization Logistics and Planning
  5. 5. Garden Team Parishioners With and without gardening experience All ages Variety of talents and experiences Clergy connection Vestry member
  6. 6. Site Selection Lots of sun Water available Fairly level Near refrigeration Visible
  7. 7. De s ig n
  8. 8. Plant Selection Start with warm weather crops Limit root crops Start some from seed and others from plants. Include some flowers Mix it up!
  9. 9. Watering system and schedule Soaker hoses would be best Find someone who can water in the morning - a retiree Schedules are nice, but watch the weather
  10. 10. Fundraising Asking for donations of money or goods at stores Some garden suppliers gave us leftovers Parishioners gave money, supplies and plants Letterhead note Wish tree
  11. 11. Supplies Mailbox Landscape fabric for weed control Stakes Paper bags for food collection Old nylons for tying up plants
  12. 12. Scheduling Work days Team members present Deliveries Check pantry schedules
  13. 13. Food Pantries Paper bags Labels Survey
  14. 14. Communication The key to getting good help
  15. 15. Mailbox Journal Weed field guide Office supplies Small tools Twine
  16. 16. To the Parish Farm reports Weekly weeders Newsletter articles Hall chart Celebrations
  17. 17. Parish Activities Planting day Sunday school help times Scarecrow making Harvest celebrations
  18. 18. To the World Flyers Donated Website Updated by garden crew
  19. 19. Challenges Weather Weeds Wildlife Workers Budget Chemicals Appearance
  20. 20. Internal Benefits Connections to nature Positive public relations Community building Veggie Vixens Intergenerational New members External focus Life skills
  21. 21. External Benefits Outreach to community Food for hungry Partnerships Green space Carbon reduction Habitat Soil improvement
  22. 22. The Future Recipes Raised beds Community gardens Grants