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Zimmer Saturday May Flier


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Zimmer Saturday May Flier

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Zimmer Saturday May Flier

  1. 1. Hoboken Change that Works Presorted Standard 618 Washington St. u.s. POSTAGE PAID Hoboken, NJ 07030 8~120 PERMIT NO. 172 PLAINFIELD, NJ ****************ECRLOT**C025 ....... S29 P1 Hoboken, NJ07030-4135 I•• lor Ilur IIle IhiS Tu _ I. so Ibal we can sell new -reclionlor 1IIbIII •. Mlllr. 10 res••• IVIiI ••.• IS IiSCairesPllSibiIitJ. r lUes ••• sta ov•..•••••••••. 'agelber ~WI canbring ch_ lllal WQIU 1111I en. limmerlorcbange .com PaId lor b.quot; ~~boken Change that Works. 618Washmgton St. Hoboken. NJ 07030 - .-~ ---- -'quot; ~ - ~ -quot;quot;--..=--quot;
  2. 2. look allhe facls: lilill Mason & Cammarano On PilOTS Supported ten year extension of PILOT tax Opposed ten year extension of a PILOT tax abatement for Church Towers. abatement for Church Towers because it continued tax subsidies for people earning over $100,000 and failed to guaranty help for those in need. On Development Consistently stands up against over-development. Support out-of-scale Western Edge Leading the fight against the New Jersey Transit Redevelopment Project and a continuation of the and Western Edge Redevelopment Projects. same old approach to development that has raised our taxes and threatened our quality of life. On our Schools Actively supported winning Kids First School Stood on the sidelines. Board slate because they will bring the changes we need in our schools by emphasizing getting resources to the classroom and cutting administrative overhead. On their Teams Chose running-mates who have publicly Chose running-mates connected to the failed worked for real change for years. Roberts/Russo legacy. On Taxes and Has a specific plan to cut taxes 25%. Supports Have made no specific commitment to cut the Budget tough action to control the personnel costs taxes. Refuse to back proposals to cut including a combination of furloughs, wage personnel costs. freezes, benefit reductions, co-pays and some lay-offs. Meet the Change that Works Team at