Hs Rent Control New Request Personnel


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Hs Rent Control New Request Personnel

  1. 1. CITY OF HOBOKEN - NEW REQUEST SUMMARY BUDGET YEAR: 2010 DEPARTMENT: Type of Request Gain Loss Origin Cost Impact Yes/No Refer to new as GAIN and any old programs or functions being substituted as LOSS. Example of ORIGIN are: request from residents, employees, Dept Sub Committee. Note: This form must be printed, signed by your department head and sent to my office via email. Department Head: Fiscal Monitor:
  2. 2. CITY OF HOBOKEN - PERSONNEL REQUEST BUDGET YEAR: 2010 DEPARTMENT: Human Services-Rent Leveling Current Year Proposed Number of Positions Budget Inc./ Dec. Inc. / Dec. Positions Positions Budget* Requested Request* Positions Budget* Full Time - Civi 3 0 Full Time - Uniform Permanent Part Time 1 1 Seasonal Retirees Replacements Totals Position Titles (Detail Job Titles and number of each in your department) Rent Regulation Officer 1 Principal Clerk 1 Sr. Customer Service Rep 1 Justification: Permanent Part Time - As needed beginning in February through September of each year the rent leveling office requires part time help filing the annual rent registration statements, tax surcharge applications and water/sewer surcharge applications. The current arrangement where we 'borrowed' an employee from another office did not work out due to her own increased workload. We were able to request the assistance of a full time floater which was quite helpful. Instructions: * Finance office Attach documentation / additional sheets as necessary Department Head: Recommend Not Recommend