Hoboken City Council Agenda 2/4/2009


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Hoboken City Council Agenda 2/4/2009

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Hoboken City Council Agenda 2/4/2009

  1. 1. THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF HOBOKEN MEETING OF FEBRUARY 4, 2009 AGENDA Please note: The Hoboken City Council may consider additional Resolutions, Ordinances or any other matter brought before the Hoboken City Council until February 4, 2009 and throughout the meeting; however, pursuant to the State Supervision Act, all Ordinances & Resolutions may be subject to review and approval by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs. ORDINANCES Second Reading and Public Hearing and Final Vote AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF HOBOKEN, IN THE COUNTY OF HUDSON, NEW JERSEY, PROVIDING FOR VARIOUS PARKING UTILITY IMPROVEMENTS AND OTHER RELATED EXPENSES IN AND FOR THE CITY OF HOBOKEN AND APPROPRIATING $2,200,000 THEREFOR, AND PROVIDING FOR THE ISSUANCE OF $2,200,000 IN BONDS OR NOTES OF THE CITY OF HOBOKEN TO FINANCE THE SAME (will replace ordinance number DR-338). (DR-389) This ordinance, DR-389, is carried to the February 4, 2009 for final vote. AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND AND SUPPLEMENT CHAPTER 190 OF THE ADMINISTRATION CODE OF THE CITY OF HOBOKEN, ENTITLED “VEHICLES AND TRAFFIC”. (DR-390) Petitions and Communications Miscellaneous licenses. Reports of City Officers A report from City Clerk James Farina, for bids received on Friday, January 23, 2009 for: Police Station Roof Replacement (09-12); Fire Station Facade Repair (09-13); City Hall ADA Compliant Exterior Door (09-14). CONSENT AGENDA 1
  2. 2. Consent Agenda defined: All items listed with an asterisk (*) are considered to be routine business by the City Council and will be enacted by one motion. There will be no separate discussion on these items unless a council member or citizen so request, in which event the item will be removed from the general order of business and considered in its normal sequence on the agenda. RESOLUTIONS 1.* Approving to submit a grant application and execute a grant agreement with the New Jersey Department of Transportation for the various streets – 2009 – Hoboken Project. 2.* Amending an existing contract for Solid Waste Collection with Cali Carting, Inc. of Kearny, New Jersey, at an increase of $112,680.00 for twelve (12) consecutive month cost service this year (2009). 3.* Affirming the appointing of Sharon Curran as Collector of Revenue pursuant to section 54-5 of the Code of the City of Hoboken. 4.* Authorizing the Planning Board to undertake a preliminary investigation of proposed area in need of redevelopment in accordance with the local redevelopment and housing law and provide recommendations to the City Council. 5.* Amending prior resolution awarding contract for appraisal services. 6.* Adopting certification for estimated tax bill for 3rd quarter FY 2009. will be available prior to the meeting date 7.* Authorizing Emergency Temporary Appropriations for the SFY 2009 Budget. ORDINANCES Introduction and First Reading AN ORDINANCE AMENDING THE CODE OF THE CITY OF HOBOKEN TO ESTABLISH A DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE AND FINANCE. (DR-391). ORDINANCE APPROVING A TWENTY-FIVE (25) YEAR TAX EXEMPTION FOR A MARKET RATE RESIDENTIAL RENTAL PROJECT BY 1320 GRAND STREET URBAN RENEWAL, LLC. (DR-392). ORDINANCE APPROVING A TWENTY-FIVE (25) YEAR TAX EXEMPTION FOR A MARKET RATE RESIDENTIAL RENTAL PROJECT BY 1321-1325 ADAMS STREET URBAN RENEWAL, LLC. (DR-393). AN ORDINANCE REDUCING THE SALARIES OF THE MEMBERS OF THE CITY COUNCIL BT TEN PERCENT. (DR-394). Castellano / Russo AN ORDINANCE REDUCING THE SALARY OF THE MAYOR BT TEN PERCENT. (DR- 395). Zimmer / Cunningham 2