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Cammarano Platform - Hoboken Mayor

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  • This document represents a turning point in Hoboken's political history. It was the first document presented to voters that outlined in detail a candidates plan for the next administration. The booklet offered 16 pages of critical solutions to the city's most pressing issues and it was distributed twice to every household in every ward.
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Cammarano Platform

  1. 1. PETER CAMMARANO’S BLUEPRINT FOR OUR FUTURE Cammarano for Mayor Headquarters 119 Washington Street 201-710-5004 Inside don’t miss… ● The Arts ● Government Transparency ● Community Parking ● Going Green ● Senior Citizen Issues ● Community Transportation ● Affordable Housing ● Youth Development ● Small Business Development ● Stevens Institute of Technology ● Infrastructure The Cammarano Platform Team: ● Real Estate Development (L-R) Catherine Hughes, Eduardo Gonzalez, Joseph Branco, PLATFORM CHAIRMAN PETER CAMMARANO, Paul Lichstein, Angel Alicea, Jamey Cook-Lichstein, Sheila Phalon, Hector Claveria, Barbara Claveria, Jason Maurer, Jose ● Public Safety Chabriel. (Not Pictured): Brian Kirrane, Jacqueline Algarin, David Chechio, Jean Forest, and Keith Rosso ● Parks and Recreation HOBOKEN MAYORAL FAVORITE PETER CAMMARANO, RELEASED HIS BLUEPRINT FOR HOBOKEN’S FUTURE today, which addresses the ma- jority of the issues facing the Mile Square City. In March, Cammarano, who chairs the Platform Committee, assembled a team of bright Hoboken residents to help him create the comprehensive outline that will serve as a roadmap for his administration. “The team that I assembled to complete this challenging task consists of some of the best and brightest minds that Hoboken has to offer,” Cammarano said. “These dedicated volunteers – who are also Hoboken residents – and I, spent hundreds of hours putting this comprehensive plan together.” Cammarano, a governmental and labor relations attorney by profession – and a fa- vorite in the upcoming May 12 mayoral election – is completing his first four-year term as Councilman-at-Large. He continued, “since the start of this election, my op- ponents have done nothing but talk about the past, pointing fingers and casting blame for the dire financial situation we find ourselves in. However, the people of Hoboken don’t want to hear about the past. They are crying out for a mayor who has Peter Cammarano a plan to get our beloved city out of its present financial mess and back on the right track. My comprehensive plan does just that, by addressing such issues as lower taxes, the environment, parking, and responsible development to name a few.” When asked to explain his reasoning in bringing the platform team together, Cam- VOTE marano had this to say: “The extraordinary team I assembled to help me create this plan are all Hoboken residents who possess diverse backgrounds in many different TUESDAY MAY 12TH disciplines, from finance to the environment. As mayor I will use this same philoso- phy of reaching out to the community and utilizing local talent to move our city in Polls open 6am - 8pm the right direction.” Paid for by Cammarano for Mayor Peter Angel Michael Frances 1A Alicea Novak Rhodes-Kearns Cammarano 15B 13B 14B Mayor Council At-Large
  2. 2. Efficient, Accountable, and The Arts Transparent Government Municipal government must effectively deliver a wide range of services affecting residents, businesses, housing, and infrastructure. We must do so in a responsible manner that does not trade long-term prosperity and solvency for short-term gains. Peter Cammarano and his City Council team will faithfully serve the community and bring ac- countability and trust back to City Hall. In 1982, Hoboken jumped onto the arts scene with a six- Solutions: month series of music, poetry, dance, and theater perform- ances. Since then local artists have been enriching our Deliver a fully funded budget that eliminates wasteful • community. We must make sure that artists and studio spending while preserving services spaces remain in Hoboken, so that our community contin- • Work closely with county government to secure better ues to benefit from their creativity and talents. services and value for the tax dollars paid by Hoboken • Pursue alternative revenue sources through strategic Solutions: business partnerships and federal, state and county grants • Host monthly Mayor’s Office hours open to the com- munity Create an arts district as called for in the Hoboken Mas- • • Develop and maintain a municipal website that is user- ter Plan friendly, informative, interactive, and accurate • Establish an Arts Advisory board comprised of local • Provide dedicated legal services through an in-house artists and citizens to fully appreciate the needs of the law department, a move that will save substantial tax dol- community in relation to the arts lars • Develop programs and resources to expose our youth to • Implement an attrition policy that would safeguard the arts against a bloated, inefficient government • Pursue federal and state grants to support and promote • Provide employees with the training and equipment local art organizations necessary to efficiently perform their duties. Cross train all employees so that all departments have proper coverage Did you Know: James Rado and Gerome Ragni whenever there is a shortfall due to special projects, vaca- wrote the legendary musical “Hair” at their 10th Street tions, etc. apartment in Hoboken. Did you Know: Cities like New York send out e-mail announcements to the community regularly. Under the “THERE IS A CONNECTION, HARD TO EXPLAIN LOGICALLY BUT Cammarano administration, Hoboken will implement a EASY TO FEEL, BETWEEN ACHIEVEMENT IN PUBLIC LIFE AND similar service to keep residents informed. PROGRESS IN THE ARTS.” - PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY YOU DESERVE A GOVERNMENT THAT CAN DELIVER REAL CHANGE Cammarano for Mayor Headquarters 119 Washington Street 201-710-5004 Mike Novak Council At-Large - 13B VOTE Peter Cammarano Frances Rhodes-Kearns TUESDAY MAY 12TH Council At-Large - 14B Mayor - 1A Polls open 6am - 8pm Angel Alicea Council At-Large - 15B
  3. 3. Community Parking Going Green Being green makes economic sense. A greener Hoboken requires a change in the way we think, plan, and act. The time has come to employ energy-smart policies that will reduce our carbon footprint and lower our municipal en- ergy consumption. In developing our environmental pol- icy, we must think globally and act locally. The Hoboken Parking Utility offers a range of parking op- tions for residents, businesses, and visitors. We can do a Solutions: better job of communicating these options and maximizing the utility of each street and municipal garage parking space. We must focus on ways to reduce the congestion Endorse a municipal Leadership in Energy and Envi- • and confusion regarding parking in our Mile Square City. ronmental Design (LEED) ordinance for all future devel- opment Solutions: • Purchase Energy Star devices to conserve electricity consumption in city-owned facilities Replace existing parking meters with hi-tech solar • • Replace retired conventional municipal vehicles with powered muni-meters hybrid vehicles • Build more parking lots in business areas (Washington • Install green roof parks to augment our inventory of Street) and make them high-tech systems open space and alleviate flooding issues • Reduce the cost of parking vouchers available to small • Invest in solar panels and other renewable energy tech- businesses for patron parking nologies • Publish a glove-box guide to parking in Hoboken • Pursue grants and programs similar to Berkeley, Cali- • Create 24-hour online and phone services to streamline fornia’s FIRST Solar financing ticket resolution and recover towed vehicles • Explore the use of bio-fuels to operate city vehicles • Tie residential parking sticker prices to the length of the • Work with the school district to help implement a recy- vehicle cling program in every school. Did you Know: The installation of muni-meters in Did you Know: This year alone, Hoboken will spend New York City increased street parking spaces by 15%. If over $1 million on electricity, fuel, and gasoline! We can you can’t find street parking after 8PM, you can park in the reduce this annual expense by adopting energy-smart poli- municipal lots for $5. cies. PETER CAMMARANO’S ADMINISTRATION WILL PURSUE LOWERING OUR ENERGY CONSUMPTION WILL BETTER ENABLE POLICIES THAT ADDRESS THE PARKING NEEDS OF OUR US TO DELIVER THE SERVICES THAT OUR COMMUNITY DESERVES ENTIRE COMMUNITY Cammarano for Mayor Headquarters 119 Washington Street 201-710-5004 Mike Novak Council At-Large - 13B VOTE Peter Cammarano Frances Rhodes-Kearns TUESDAY MAY 12TH Council At-Large - 14B Mayor - 1A Polls open 6am - 8pm Angel Alicea Council At-Large - 15B
  4. 4. Community Senior Citizen Issues Transportation The experience and insights of our seniors will help us Hoboken’s transportation system is the pride of the state, build a successful future. Providing our senior citizen and includes trains, light rail, buses, PATH, and ferries. We population with more senior housing, recreational opportu- rely on this intricate network to connect us with the places nities, access to community events, and health facilities is where we work and play. Our world-class transportation important in repaying them for their contributions to our system affords us access not only to the city, but also to community. Active and engaged seniors will keep our city beaches, vacation spots, and the suburbs. Peter Camma- energetic and provide diverse solutions and view points on rano is committed to providing the best alignment of these community issues. services by making them reliable, accessible, and efficient. This high standard of service is the key to Hoboken’s con- Solutions: tinued prosperity. Solutions: Continue the senior shuttle service to assist seniors with • mobility within Hoboken • Create more senior citizen housing units, including as- Ensure the current high level of service provided by NJ • sisted living facilities Transit and PATH • Develop senior programming at a variety of city loca- • Reinstate the crosstown shuttle service for efficient, tions safe, and dependable mobility within Hoboken • Organize a senior health fair every other month • Clearly communicate the schedules, routes, and pickup • Implement the Are You OK? Program, a computer sys- locations for all shuttle services tem that calls participating seniors on a daily basis the • Coordinate private commuter shuttles to eliminate un- check their welfare. safe congestion zones near the PATH • Create a mentorship program between the school dis- • Provide school bus transportation for students at our trict and senior citizens various school locations • Promote a bike-friendly commuter program at the Did you Know: Hoboken has six senior citizen resi- PATH and Light Rail stations dential buildings, half of them administered by the Hous- Did you Know: If you have a monthly NJ Transit bus ing Authority that house thousands of residents. pass for two or more zones, you can ride the light rail for free! PETER CAMMARANO BELIEVES THAT OUR SENIORS ARE THE FI- BER OF OUR COMMUNITY AND KNOWS THAT WE MUST MAINTAIN LET’S GET PEOPLE WHERE THEY NEED TO GO – ON TIME THE HIGHEST DEGREE OF CARE AND RESPECT FOR THEM Cammarano for Mayor Headquarters 119 Washington Street 201-710-5004 Mike Novak Council At-Large - 13B VOTE Peter Cammarano Frances Rhodes-Kearns TUESDAY MAY 12TH Council At-Large - 14B Mayor - 1A Polls open 6am - 8pm Angel Alicea Council At-Large - 15B
  5. 5. Affordable Housing Youth Development The local housing boom of recent years has overshadowed the increasing need for affordable housing in Hoboken and throughout New Jersey. As our community continues to grow, we must ensure that affordable-housing dwellers are able to continue to meet their housing and other basic needs. Affordable-housing programs offer qualifying fami- Youth outreach programs can provide a tremendous foun- lies a gateway to home ownership and the American dream dation for the children in Hoboken. In addition to sports of prosperity. and academic programs, other activities are essential for engaging our diverse youth community. These pursuits Solutions: will help them develop the skills they will need to become productive and successful adults. Negotiate with developers to increase the availability of • Solutions: affordable housing units in Hoboken, above and beyond that which is required by COAH (The Council on Afford- able Housing) Promote seasonal athletic programs for youth of all • • Identify and apply for additional affordable housing ages grants and programs • Organize an annual youth summer job fair for teens and • Make affordable housing buildings more accessible for local businesses to keeps kids busy and out of trouble seniors and disabled persons • Work with local artists, artisans, and teachers to engage • Work with property owners to maintain their stock of students through the arts affordable housing, rather than converting to market-rate • Develop a leadership and mentorship program that housing helps youth obtain “soft skills” and a good work ethic • Initiate a comprehensive review of all PILOT (Payment • Encourage and supplement after-school programs of- in Lieu of Taxes) payments and carefully administer exist- fered by the Boys and Girls Club and Jubilee Center ing agreements Did you Know: There has been a 22% decrease in Did you Know: The development of Hoboken hous- reported youth misconduct over the past three years. We ing stock in the 1960s and 1970s was largely affordable. believe this decrease is due to the increasing effectiveness The development of housing stock from the 1990s to the of youth programs. present is largely market-rate. PETER CAMMARANO BELIEVES LOCAL PROGRAMS HELP STEER PRESERVING OUR EXISTING AFFORDABLE HOUSING AND MAK- YOUTH TOWARD A MORE PRODUCTIVE LIFESTYLE ING IT CITY POLICY TO CREATE MORE AFFORDABLE HOUSING, WILL PROTECT HOBOKEN’S DIVERSITY AND MAKE OUR CITY A RICHER PLACE IN WHICH TO LIVE Cammarano for Mayor Headquarters 119 Washington Street 201-710-5004 Mike Novak Council At-Large - 13B VOTE Peter Cammarano Frances Rhodes-Kearns TUESDAY MAY 12TH Council At-Large - 14B Mayor - 1A Polls open 6am - 8pm Angel Alicea Council At-Large - 15B
  6. 6. Small Business Stevens Institute Development Of Technology Hoboken’s small businesses and neighborhood institutions need to preserve the small-town feel that many of our resi- dents appreciate. This is a primary reason why many Hoboken is home to one of the world’s most prestigious choose to live here versus our larger neighbor, New York Technology Institutes. Our city leadership should work City. Residents cherish our community because of the harder to ensure that the interests of students are better unique businesses that call Hoboken home. Peter Camma- represented. We should encourage innovative partnerships rano wants to protect that sentiment and support small that benefit Stevens, students, and the community. businesses, so we don’t lose the charm and character that makes Hoboken special. Solutions: Solutions: Facilitate the prompt completion of the Stevens Insti- • tute parking deck Create a small business department to work with local • • Work with local businesses to increase support for the businesses and their landlords Duck Bills program • Create an oversight board to regulate restaurant and bar • Develop a Mayor’s Council of Students at Stevens In- noise, overcrowding, and unsafe conditions stitute • Create a glove-box guide for business owners, to clar- • Implement a formal Stevens co-op program that fo- ify uniform rules and regulations cuses on engineering projects in Hoboken • Work to streamline the permit process so that busi- • Work with campus leadership to encourage the adop- nesses can operate more efficiently tion of a campus-wide recycling program Did you Know: The hospitality industry encompasses Did you Know: Students at Stevens Institute contrib- dozens of bars and restaurants in Hoboken and generates a ute over $1,000,000 annually to the Hoboken economy. significant number of local jobs. HOBOKEN AND STEVENS ENJOY A COMPLIMENTARY RELATION- THE SUCCESS OF SMALL BUSINESS IS A LEADING INDICATOR OF SHIP. AS STEVENS GROWS AND SUCCEEDS IN ITS EDUCATIONAL THE HEALTH OF A COMMUNITY. PETER CAMMARANO WANTS MISSION, IT WILL ATTRACT MORE TALENT AND ATTENTION TO SMALL BUSINESSES TO KNOW THAT THEY WILL HAVE A PARTNER HOBOKEN. IN CITY HALL Cammarano for Mayor Headquarters 119 Washington Street 201-710-5004 Mike Novak Council At-Large - 13B VOTE Peter Cammarano Frances Rhodes-Kearns TUESDAY MAY 12TH Council At-Large - 14B Mayor - 1A Polls open 6am - 8pm Angel Alicea Council At-Large - 15B
  7. 7. Real Estate Infrastructure Development Hoboken has an aging infrastructure. Peter Cammarano will develop a comprehensive approach to maintaining and improving our roads, sidewalks, water, sewers, and electri- Hoboken has experienced a real estate resurgence in recent cal infrastructures. This plan will work in conjunction with years. In a mile-square city, every acre of development im- the long-term goal of solving our flooding issues. pacts our entire community, from schools to infrastructure. As we plan for the future, we must pursue the right combi- Solutions: nation of projects that will best address our city’s long- term needs. Address long-term flooding issues throughout our city • using innovative technologies, including wet-weather Solutions: pump stations • Make intersections safer both for pedestrians and driv- Evaluate new development projects based on what • ers value they add to the community • Insist upon repaving of roads at developers’ expense • Hold developers accountable, ensuring that they are de- whenever construction takes place livering what is promised (open space, infrastructure up- • Coordinate with the county to ensure that all county grades) before units can be completed and sold roads are repaved • Use PILOTs and EDZ only when appropriate • Increase walk signals at key intersections and enforce • Proactively manage the existing portfolio of PILOTs pedestrian laws and redevelopment agreements, prepare a master financial • Reassess our garbage and recycling plan to reduce analysis of these agreements, map out exactly when these costs and our carbon footprint PILOTs are going to expire • Pursue infrastructure grants tied to the Federal Stimulus • Pursue energy efficient designs that incorporate LEED Package standards • Rebuild and replace the 14th Street viaduct in two • Look for opportunities to set aside open space as we stages plan new projects • Conduct municipal planning with the question in mind: Did you Know: Hoboken’s street grid predates the What do we have and what do we need? (commercial vs. invention of the internal combustion engine. Our streets residential) and bridges must be updated for the 21st Century and into the future. Did you Know: This spring, Hoboken just opened the highest-rated LEED certified building in New Jersey, at HOBOKEN IS A WALKING COMMUNITY: PETER CAMMARANO BE- 14th and Garden street. LIEVES THAT PEDESTRIAN SAFETY MUST BE A TOP PRIORITY Cammarano for Mayor Headquarters 119 Washington Street 201-710-5004 Mike Novak Council At-Large - 13B VOTE Peter Cammarano Frances Rhodes-Kearns TUESDAY MAY 12TH Council At-Large - 14B Mayor - 1A Polls open 6am - 8pm Angel Alicea Council At-Large - 15B
  8. 8. Parks & Recreation Public Safety In our Mile-Square City, parks, ball fields, and public space are at a premium. We have a great inventory of parks and recreational facilities, but as our community grows, so should our park space. Parks and recreational facilities are essential for both the health and quality-of-life for our The fine men and women of our police, fire, and volunteer families, as well as our environment. ambulance corps provide vital services to our community. They protect us and the people we love everyday and are Solutions: the first to respond when we need help. Our local govern- ment must ensure that we continue to deliver excellent Ensure that any new development is accompanied by public safety services. • open space • Rotate city festivals and cultural events throughout the Solutions: different parks • Promote parks and recreational services via Peter Cam- marano’s proposed revamped Hoboken Web site Supply personnel with the latest equipment, technology • • Explore the potential to install rooftop parks on current and training and future buildings • Promote a robust community policing plan that in- • Promote a healthy outdoors program by adding bike cludes neighborhood foot patrols parking and recycling bins in our parks • Create a citizen’s safety committee to help identify and resolve public safety concerns Did you Know: Increasing our open space footprint • Station a police officer to each school to address school will help alleviate flooding. Hoboken has 18 parks, with safety issues and improve response times for neighbor- more on the way. hood issues Did you Know: Our Police and Fire Departments re- IN A DENSE URBAN AREA, OPEN SPACE IS A COMMUNITY ASSET spond to over 50,000 requests for service ever year. THAT WE ALL TREASURE AND MUST PURSUE Cammarano for Mayor Headquarters 119 Washington Street 201-710-5004 Mike Novak Council At-Large - 13B VOTE Peter Cammarano Frances Rhodes-Kearns TUESDAY MAY 12TH Council At-Large - 14B Mayor - 1A Polls open 6am - 8pm Angel Alicea Council At-Large - 15B