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Podcasting Rubric


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Podcasting Rubric

  1. 1. Name: _____________________________ School: _________________________________________ Grade: _____________________________ Podcast Title _____________________________________ Score: _____________________________ Comments: (Optional) Category 1 2 3 4 Content Includes little Includes Includes Covers topic in- knowledge knowledge essential depth with about the topic about the topic knowledge extensive details with few with supporting about the topic and examples. supporting details and with supporting Subject knowledge details and examples. Some details and is excellent. examples. subject examples. Little subject knowledge is Subject knowledge is evident. knowledge evident. appears to be good. Music There is no Music provides Music provides Music enhances Enhancements music. somewhat supportive the mood, quality, distracting background to and understanding background to the podcast of the presentation. the podcast. Delivery Delivery is Appears Rehearsed, Well rehearsed, hesitant, and is unrehearsed smooth smooth delivery in choppy and with uneven delivery. a conversational sounds like the delivery. Enunciation, style. Highly presenter is Enunciation, expression, effective reading. expression, rhythm, and enunciation and Enunciation, rhythm, and pacing are presenter's speech expression, pacing are effective is clear and rhythm and distracting throughout the intelligible. pacing are during the podcast. Expression and muddled and podcast. rhythm keep the distant. audience listening. Groupwork The workload The workload The workload is The workload is
  2. 2. was not divided was divided, but divided and divided and shared OR several one person in shared fairly by equally by all team people in the the group is all team members. group are viewed as not members, viewed as not doing his/her though doing their fair fair share of the workloads may share of the work. vary from work. person to person.