Lessons From the Shanzhai


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Part 2 of my talk with Lyn Jeffery at SXSW. Audio available here: https://soundcloud.com/officialsxsw/imitation-as-innovation

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Lessons From the Shanzhai

  1. 1. VSLessons From The ShanzhaiKris GaleVP of Engineering — Yammer, Inc.
  2. 2. What is Disruption?
  3. 3. Competition Disruption Vs Vs Vs VsThese Companies provide the These Companies provide the same value the same way same value in different ways
  4. 4. Attrition Warfare Maneuver Warfare• Centralization • Decentralization• Command and Control • Delegation of initiative• Careful Pace • Speed
  5. 5. How are the Shanzhai demonstrating the advantages of maneuver warfare?
  6. 6. Companies are vulnerable to disruption
  7. 7. What if companies organized around the value they provide? Mailbox + DVD’s Video Streaming
  8. 8. The Shanzhai aren’t a single company, so they’re necessarily decentralized.
  9. 9. Rules of the Shanzhai
  10. 10. Design nothing from scratch Make time for innovation
  11. 11. Innovate at small scale Allow everyone to innovate
  12. 12. Share as much as you can Work openly and break down silos
  13. 13. Sell it before you make itDon’t build solutions in search of problems
  14. 14. Act Responsibly in the Network Assume and maintain trust
  15. 15. The Shanzhai provide a model for decentralized innovation.
  16. 16. Questions?