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Meal ticsdeck


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Meal ticsdeck

  1. 1. MEALTICSCrowdfunding Meals From Restaurants to the Homeless
  2. 2. PROBLEM Food pantries, 49 million Americans homeless shelters and suffer from hunger, other organizations including 16 million always need food to children. help the needy. Restaurants throw Homeless Americans away tons of food are still Americans every day but want to and want to feel that show they are socially way. Eating good food responsible. is a start!
  3. 3. SOLUTION: MEALTICS 1. Local restaurants partner 6. Help the with MealTics homeless enjoy 2. Users can the same meals purchase a MealTicthat we can every online for $3. day!. 5. After 3. Once thepurchasing a meal target amount ofearn a virtual ‘tic’ meals is reached to win monthly we purchase the prizes! 4. The meals. designated soup kitchen can then pick up the meals.
  4. 4. MARKET SIZE 80 percent of philanthropic dollars are donated by individuals vAmericans gave more than 298 billion to their favorite causes despite economy Social or human services charities raised over 35 billion in 2011
  5. 5. VALUE PROPOSITION Restaurants/Supermarkets MealTic Users 1. Easy and great way to help fight hunger in1. Market as a socially responsible business. America. Meals cost $3. 2. Can have a chance to win one of our 2. Every time a MealTic user shares via monthly prizes. social media he or she markets the restaurant too. 3. Share your MealTic experience on facebook and twitter and let your friends 3. Increase in sales as well as attract know you want to end hunger in America. customers. 4. See pictures of the kids and adults you helped to feed.4. Deepens brand in local communities, way to give back. 5.You are purchasing a meal ON THE SPOT to help a hungry child or adult.You see the5. Quick and seamless process signing up! direct effect of your purchase.
  6. 6. USER ACQUISITION Launch Growth Maturity Sharing via social media, Kickstarter & viral campaign, word of mouthPartnering with local food PR: Grassroots marketing pantries and restaurants, campaign, blogging, advertising Crowdfunding meals globally. promotional materials in and partnering with establishments. organizations to spread the word. Partnering with major Internet advertising, social Celebrity reps, television ads, organizations such as media marketing, viral prizes including hanging out with Feeding America. marketing celebrities. Recently featured on
  7. 7. BUSINESS MODEL We take 50 cents off of each MealTic Advertising fees purchased. for businesses and particular organizations. Social enterprise huh?How do you make money?
  8. 8. FOUNDER TEAM Princeton USC Hustler. Princeton Grad. Hacker. Worked at Affinity Experience in founding Solutions and Thrillist. Launched startup a startup out of his own venture Social Rescue. college. The guy you would Dog Lover. want in your foxhole.Kofi Frimpong: Business Guy Rob Kumar: Tech Guy
  9. 9. FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS Financial Projections (millions) Yearly Revenue (millions) 3 Summary/Background 2.25 200K in Revenue for 2013 1.5 Over 200 featured restaurants in 2013 5 cities in the U.S. 0.75 Around 50 partnering food banks/organizations 0 2013 2014 2015 Expenses include: Marketing and advertising. Expenses (millions) Food pantries and other organizations already have volunteers who collect food. They willExpenses (millions) 0.5 easily be able to partner with us and recommend the businesses they want to 0.375 partner with. 0.25 0.125 After being live for four months with our first restaurant partner (in store Ipad purchases) we 0 are on pace to make them an extra $1,000. 2013 2014 2015
  10. 10. KEYS TO SUCCESS We have to touch people’s hearts. Similar to how people pay a lot of money for Tom’s shoes to help children in Africa, people should want to help their fellow Americans Branding in need. HEALTHY MEALS ONLY! Marketing Have to sell to Our monthly restaurants theprizes have to be incredible social cool and mediaengaging. People marketing, must see who publicity and they are helping how MealTics as well. Photos, will attract hosting events, customers. etc. Has to be easy for organizations to reach us, restaurants to sign up and users to download the app and share their MealTic experience via social media. Partnerships Ease