Social media, PR. & Google Glass Guest Lecture [Fall 2013]


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Guest lecture for Dr. Westerman's COMM 472 PR class at North Dakota State University. Fall 2013

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Social media, PR. & Google Glass Guest Lecture [Fall 2013]

  1. 1. Karen Freberg, Ph.D.
  2. 2. Karen Freberg, Ph.D. – University of Louisville  Education:  Ph.D., Communications (University of Tennessee)  MA, Strategic Public Relations (University of Southern California)  BS, Public Relations (University of Florida)
  3. 3.  Social media describes technologies that people use to share content, opinions, insights, experiences, and perspectives by interacting with each other in an environment.
  4. 4.  700 YouTube video links are shared on Twitter every minute (source: Relevancy Group)  79% of social media log ins by online retailers are with Facebook, compared to 12% for Google+, and 4% for Twitter (source: Gigya)  61% of social media users primarily use LinkedIn for professional networking (source: Lab42)  Twitter users send 400M tweets each day (source: Nielsen)  25% of consumers who complain about products on Facebook or Twitter expect a response withing 1 hour (source: American Express OPEN Forum)  90% of US online specialty retailers use Pinterest, up from 81% in 2012 (source: L2)  Instagram users upload 40M photos to the site each day (source: Nielsen)
  5. 5. 1750s advertising 1920s 1960s reporters technology pr public word of mouth
  6. 6. reporters pr, advertising, social insiders social public
  7. 7.  Fueled by Instant gratification culture  “Experience” mentality among consumers  Listening & monitoring conversations and trends  Demand for information at a rapid pace and accessed at any time.  Growing need for rapid demand to create engagement and response from consumers  Heated competition by brands  Sparks related to a person, event, brand activities, and situation occurring in the news. 
  8. 8.  Determine the mission, value proposition, and objective. - What is the message?  Define the context as it relates to the organization. - What is the context?  Decide on the voice or voices of the organization. - Who is the messenger?  Discover where your existing customers already are. - Where are your customers?  Determine where your potential customers might be. - Who else might be interested?
  9. 9.  Decide which technologies could reach them. - Where are they engaged?  Listen to what is already taking place in the space. How receptive will they be?  Figure out how you can add value to what they do. - Do you have beneficial content?  Decide what your expected outcomes might be. - What is the expected outcome?
  10. 10. • Twitter campaign: 2013 • Tweeted: Use Glass to show what it was like to be a PR professor teaching social media at UofL • Got accepted to program March 2013 • Got Google Glass July 2013
  11. 11.     Determine if audiences want information in visual and multimedia formats. Engage with community and share options through other social media (ex. Facebook, Twitter, blog) Enhance your best skills through video sharing channel Be consistent and timely with updates in multimedia – as well as measurement
  12. 12.      Success doesn’t happen overnight – takes time, resources, and persistence! In order to gain influence online as a PR/Advertising professional, you have to be generous with information – in multiple formats and sites Consider multimedia outlets an extension to online reputation for brand or individual Keep future trends in mind and determine what is the next step for social media. Engage, Inform, Inspire, and be relevant!
  13. 13.  Individual Blogs        Brian Solis: Jeremiah Owyang: Jason Falls: http://www.socialmediaexplor Katie Paine: Shonali Burke: m Melissa Agnes: Mark Schaefer: m/blog/  Blogs       Mashable: PR Squared: Social Media Today: Digital Buzz Blog: Simply Zesty: Social @Oglivy
  14. 14.        @arikhanson @armano @briansolis @ginidietrich @jasonfalls @jaybaer @Britopian       @conversationage @dbreakenridge @markwschaefer @prtini @steveology @steverubel