Google Glass Strategic Brief Assignment [Spring 2014]


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Google Glass assignment for COMM 460/660 [Social Media & Mobile Technologies Class] at the University of Louisville. Taught by Karen Freberg (@kfreberg).

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Google Glass Strategic Brief Assignment [Spring 2014]

  1. 1. COMM 460/660: Social Media & Mobile Technologies in Strategic Communications Department of Communication University of Louisville Spring 2014 Strategic Brief Assignment for Google Glass Google Glass is a new form of wearable technologies (which we have several explorers who are part of the program here in Louisville). Your task is to work individually on this assignment where you will create a strategic brief for a new Google Glass App to be launched for either a: • Local business in Louisville • Client for class At the end, the students will turn in a FOUR page paper (single space). This paper will need to include references (APA style), visuals and images (infographics are also okay, but can’t take up a full page), and be professionally written and presented. For this assignment, you will need to do the following: • Cover Page [name, Twitter handle, class, date] • Overview of Glass: You will need to provide an overview of Google Glass – what it is, what type of technologies it involves, when it was launched, background information on Glass and Google, etc [1/2 page max]. • Situational Analysis and SWOT: This is where you need to really pay attention when we talk about Glass – consider the benefits and challenges of Glass and what your subject (client or another business) needs to know about Glass. Be creative but also provide references and evidence to support your point of view [1page w/ SWOT table]. • Strategic Brief: Propose the idea you have for a Glass app for your target. Outline your goal, objectives, audiences, strategies (2), and tactics (3 for each strategy) to use this app for this target. • References: You will need to have at least five citations (in APA format) as references to Glass, wearable technologies, and Google as well.