Verimatrix-Multi-network Solutions in the Real World - NexTV Mexico 2012


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Presentation by Gustavo Lerner at the NexTV Mexico & Central America Summit 2012 on Oct 3, 2012 in Mexico City.

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Verimatrix-Multi-network Solutions in the Real World - NexTV Mexico 2012

  1. 1. Manejando la Complejidad delescenario Multi-network con unaArquitectura de Seguridad únicaNexTV Mexico – Octubre 3, 2012Gustavo Lerner #multinetwork
  2. 2. Verimatrix ProfileMission Content and revenue security for multi-network, multi-screen applications: IPTV, DVB one-way & hybrid, and over-the-top to STBs, PCs, connected TVs, web tablets and mobile devicesHeadquarters San Diego, California, with European HQ in Munich, Germany; sales offices in France, The Netherlands, Russia, China, Singapore, Brazil and ArgentinaCustomers 500+ operator customers in 50 countries, including 20 Tier 1’s and 2’s – protecting more than 20M screens for IPTV, DVB, PCs and other devicesPartners More than 110 ecosystem channel & integration partners Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia Siemens Networks, Technicolor and ZTEInvestors Goldman Sachs, Mission Ventures, Crescendo Ventures, Cipio Partners, JK&B Capital and SunAmerica Ventures
  3. 3. Agenda Nuevas Tecnologías – Nuevas Oportunidades  Opciones de transición para Upgrades Operacionales sin problemas VCAS 3 – Arquitectura para Redes Míltiples Despliegues de Redes Múltiples en el Mundo Real  Ejemplos de Operadores ©2012 Verimatrix, Inc. 3
  4. 4. Nuevas TecnologíasNuevas Oportunidades Opciones de contenidos Premium y modelos de consumo Subscripciones de Servicio de entrega DVB Portabilidad y Alcance global transparencia dela través de servicios OTT contenido Integración de servicios de valor agregado con ecosistemas abiertos ©2012 Verimatrix, Inc. 4
  5. 5. VCAS 3 Multi-Network Architecture Unified Subscriber Management Security for multi-network 3rd Party Interface and database across networks and devices deployments (managed and VCAS 3SMS / Middleware OTT) and content formats Client Support VCAS 3 Unified Head-end Verimatrix ViewRight STB CSM (IPTV/Hybrid) Linear DVB One-way Verimatrix Content & Hybrid Broadcast CSM ViewRight (DVB one-way) PC / Mac OMI / Entitlement Interface Verimatrix ACSM HTTP Live Srvr Key Scramblers, ViewRight Verimatrix data Encoders, IPTV Web Servers, MultiRights Modulators PlayReady Server MultiRights On-demand Marlin Server Content Internet & CDN 3rd-party Players HTML 5 Browsers MultiRights & DRM Clients MPEG-DASH IP return path Entitlements for ViewRight IPTV, DB Hybrid, or OTT clients Support for all device types using both MultiRights ViewRight and native DRM client Other DRM integrations MultiRights Framework MultiRights extension to additional integrated DRM servers ©2012 Verimatrix, Inc. 5
  6. 6. Multi-network Deploymentsin the Real World:Operator Examples
  7. 7. Etisalat’s IPTV Platform Brand new experience of home personalized information and entertainment services More than 200 services and features implemented for IPTV Core platform features include:  Live TV (SD and HD)  T/S/A/F VoD  nPVR  Catch Up TV  Applications (Games and Walled Garden)  Radio  Self-Care/Self-Help  Auto Provisioning  350+ channels  50+ HD channels  Media Player Conditional access and revenue security for premium content by Verimatrix 7
  8. 8. Etisalat UAE: eLife IPTV/OTT Huawei Middleware & LinearSystem Management Content VCAS 3 Head-end Harmonic Verimatrix ViewRight Encoders IPTV CSM Client Devices Envivio Verimatrix Encoders Verimatrix IPTV CSM ViewRight RTES Web OMI / Entitlement Interface Verimatrix HLS Key IPTV ACSM data ViewRight Network Verimatrix Smart TV switching Expansion Options IPTV ViewRight STB Huawei VOD ViewRight PC VerimatrixEntitlements DB VEM On-demand Content 8
  9. 9. TeliaSonera: IPTV/OTT Igloo Middleware & LinearSystem Management Content ViewRight Client Devices VCAS 3 Head-end IPTV Envivio ViewRight Verimatrix Encoders STB MultiCAS/IP Motorola STBs Verimatrix HLS IPTV CSM Multiplexor ViewRight Web OMI / Entitlement Interface Verimatrix Key Adaptive CSM data Network Verimatrix Smooth MultiRights switching Streaming Silverlight PlayReady DRM PC/Mac Expansion Options Edegeware Microsoft HTTP VOD IIS VerimatrixEntitlements DB VEM On-demand Content 9
  10. 10. GTD Chile: DVB-C/IPTV Hybrid GobackTV Middleware & LinearSystem Management Content VCAS 3 Head-end Harmonic ViewRight Verimatrix Encoder & MultiCAS/DVB Client Devices Multiplexors Linear Verimatrix DVB-C ViewRight IPTV CSM Hybrid STB OMI / Entitlement Interface Verimatrix Key IPTV CSM data Network ViewRight Verimatrix IP-STB switching IPTV VOD Xavi STBs Expansion Options GobackTV VOD VerimatrixEntitlements VEM DB On-demand Content
  11. 11. GVT Brazil: DVB-S/IPTV Hybrid Ericsson Middleware & LinearSystem Management Content VCAS 3 Head-end Tandberg Verimatrix Encoder & Linear Multiplexors DVB-S MultiCAS/DVB ViewRight Client Devices Verimatrix PIP BCSM option OMI / Entitlement Interface ViewRight Gateway/STB Verimatrix Key IPTV CSM data Network Verimatrix switching ViewRight IPTV PC VOD Expansion Options ViewRight Edgeware STB VOD VerimatrixEntitlements VEM DB On-demand Content
  12. 12. Emerging Opportunity: DVB/OTT Middleware & LinearSystem Management Content VCAS 3 Head-end Encoder & Linear Verimatrix Multiplexors DVB MultiCAS/DVB One-way ViewRight Client Devices Verimatrix Broadcast CSM OMI / Entitlement Interface ViewRight Gateway/STB Verimatrix Key Adaptive CSM HLS HLS data Encoder, Verimatrix Segmenter, ViewRight Encryptor Web Expansion Options & Server On-demand Content ViewRight WebEntitlements DB
  13. 13. Resumen Scalable Broadcast Security and Internet Innovation Pay-TV operators of all types need to extend their multi-screen reach with IP and OTT delivery models Adaptive streaming standards like HLS successfully enable OTT services to all types of video platforms OTT services need strong pay-TV security for successful licensing of premium content VCAS 3 unified approach to security enables:  Licensing of premium content  A frictionless TV Everywhere experience by harmonizing rights management across networks and devices ©2012 Verimatrix, Inc. 13
  14. 14. Gracias!Contacto: Gustavo Lernerglerner@verimatrix.comTel:
  15. 15. VCAS 3 Architecture Multi-Network, Multi-Format Video Services Linear TV Schedule Data Content (ReporTV, VCAS 3 Head-end: Any Network ViewRight and MultiRights Tribune, etc.) Single Security Authority Client Support Verimatrix ViewRight STB IPTV & Hybrid SI Server (IPTV/Hybrid) (EPG data) Content Security Broadcast Encryption (BEM) VCAS Manager - CSM ViewRight OMI/SEI (IPTV/Hybrid)Verimatrix MPOS & Desktop PC/Mac DVB Cable Self-Provisioning MultiCAS MultiCAS MultiCAS RTES Service Admin Server IP DVB Adapt Mgmt Broadcast CSM ViewRight STB (DVB one-way) DVB (DVB one-way) Subscriber Mgmt Terrestrial& Billing System(s) Network DVR & MMDS Domain Service Catcher Mgmt (SMS / OSS) ViewRight EncryptionEngine DVB Web (DVB one-way) Satellite Pre-Paid Voucher Video Head-end: Authorization Encoders, Groomers Content ViewRight Service Mgmt Scramblers & Multiplexers Mobile Adaptive CSM (Push) VOD & nDVR Servers (Internet TV) Routers & Modulators Switches & Firewalls Mobile Middleware(s) Service Device Mgmt MultiRights 3rd-party Players Marlin DRM Server Web Apps: Internet TV HTML 5 Browsers (DECE & OIPF) /OTT & DRM ClientsDVR Programming, Widgets, etc. Message Service Mgmt MultiRights VPP VRUN RKE AdaptPP ViewRight PlayReady DRM Professional Downstream Emergency Alert Server delivery On-demand Encryption (VEM) System (EAS) Wholesale/ Entitlement Retail IPTV Retailer 1 Service Mgmt MultiRights: No local Middleware Retailer MPEG-DASH Server Video No local VCAS VPN No local broadcast Entitlement Kiosk MultiRights Framework Manager IPTV Retailer 2 On-demand Local Middleware/SMS CASmon No local VCAS Content VPN (Monitoring & QA) No local broadcast IPTV Retailer 3 Local Middleware/SMSNetwork Management Local VCAS VPN No local broadcast and Monitoring IPTV Retailer 4 Local Middleware/SMS Local VCAS ©2012 Verimatrix, Inc. Local broadcast 15