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"Enhancing QoE through Sound" by Craig Knudsen.
The proliferation of connected TV devices, from game consoles to Smart TVs and streamer devices, means Pay TV operators have the chance to extend their reach to existing subscribers, making the service available on different TVs cost-effectively.

With more connected devices and better broadband and CDN technologies, and more interest than ever in turning free-to-air homes into light Pay TV users, we could see the emergence of new OTT delivery and business models in the next few years, including 'offnet', 'Pay TV-Lite' and even OTT-only for the Pay TV market. In all cases the platform operator needs to present its service within an app on the connected device and guarantee that it is secure.

During this Forum, a group of industry experts debated The Operator as an App topic.

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  • Our sound engineers develop algorithms to take advantage of the accepted neuro-scientific phenomenon that have our brains respond better to
  • China high because they consume more audio…. Piracy
  • TV Connect 2013 - Multi-network Forum - Dolby

    1. 1. Enhancing QoEThrough the Power ofSoundCraig KnudsenDirector – Strategic PartnershipsDolby Laboratories #multinetwork #TVConnect
    2. 2. The Labs in ―Dolby Laboratories‖ Mission = Validate that Sound Matters to Consumers What we did:  Performed Psychoacoustic Research +  Analyst-Driven Secondary Research +  Dolby-Driven Primary Research =  Statistically Accurate Models #multinetwork #TVConnect
    3. 3. Sound Matters at the Neurologic Level Sound amplifies visual response at a neural level Image Only Sound Only Sound + ImageSum response is greaterthan component parts.Driver and Noesselt, 2007, Neuron #multinetwork #TVConnect
    4. 4. Sound Overcomes Limitations“Higher audio quality cancompensate for lower video quality” Ries et al, 2004, IEEE #multinetwork #TVConnect
    5. 5. Dolby Market Research – Consumers Care Three-part process to validate scientific studies  IDC ConsumerScape 360  April 2012  Magid Associates Consumer Focus Groups  November 2012  Parks Associates Consumer Conjoint Surveys  January 2013 Over ½ million dollars spent validating scientific results in OTT/Mobile space + scientific study $$$ #multinetwork #TVConnect
    6. 6. Audio quality is a purchase considerationfor most mobile device owners Importance of Audio Quality for Tablets/Smartphones (Q1/13) Audio quality a purchase consideration Audio quality a very important consideration (Rating 8-10 on 10 pt. scale)Audio quality Very satisfied with current audio experience (Rating 8-10 on 10 pt. scale)is a purchase 100%consideration 90%for +70% ofsmartphone 80%owners. 70%Moreover, 40 % of Owners%-50% of 60%owners in 50%mostcountries 40%report that it 30%is animportant 20%consideration—in China the 10%percentage is 0%even greater. U.S. France Germany China S. Korea (n=1,152, (n=1,000, (n=1,000, (n=1,000, (n=1,000, ±2.89%) ±3.10%) ±3.10%) ±3.10%) ±3.10%) #multinetwork #TVConnect
    7. 7. Parks Survey: Audio ConsiderationIncreases After Off/On Demo 100% “Now that I know it’s possible, 80% I really want it!” Increase% of Smartphone Owners 60% Audio consideration 40% prior to off/on demo 25% Audio consideration 20% after off/on demo 14% 12% 11% 12% 0% U.S. France Germany China S. Korea (n=1,152, (n=1,000, (n=1,000, (n=1,000, (n=1,000, ±2.89%) ±3.10%) ±3.10%) ±3.10%) ±3.10%) Source: Parks Conjoint Surveys Jan 2013 7 #multinetwork #TVConnect
    8. 8. What Have We Proven? The brain cares | 1+1=3 | Improve QoE with quality sound + Sound matters = ~70% of consumers consider it when making purchases + After hearing HD Audio On/Off demo we get an increase of 10-25% = Audio matters to consumers – They want a high Quality of Experience everywhere #multinetwork #TVConnect
    9. 9. What Have We Done with It?We’ve built a highly accurate statistical model thatwe are making available to our OEMs so they cantest feature impact on consumer behavior #1 Feature Brand/ OS Brand/ OS Price Brand/ OS Brand/ OS #2 Feature Price Price Brand/OS Audio Quality Audio Quality Camera mega- Camera mega- Camera mega- Mobile network #3 Feature Audio Quality pixels pixels pixels choice Camera mega- #4 Feature Price Price pixels Audio Quality Audio Quality #multinetwork #TVConnect
    10. 10. Thank #multinetwork #TVConnect