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Presentation by Steve Christian, Verimatrix, on Aug 1, 2012. The Multi‑network Solutions in the Real World Forum with focus on Latin America took place in Sao Paulo on August 1st, in parallel with the ABTA show. An expert panel specializing in multi‑network video provided insights and case studies demonstrating how operators are addressing the new opportunities, challenges and solutions for video delivery over combinations of managed and unmanaged networks.

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  • Many studios request HW root of trust which obviously in STBs can be satisfied by Secure SoC and Key Ladder (CWPP) but on softer devices can be only simulated by using code obfuscation and whitebox cryptography (such as on PCs but most will not release HD content to PCs) and on Tablets the use of Secure SoC and standards such as TrustZone are being required for HD content.Alsoasking about what happens after CAS/DRM is done with its part. How/where is the video decrypted and decoded, how are the outputs protected, etc. DIGITAL WATERMARKINGSoftware vendors have implemented AACS for Windows PCs. Some studios will license their HD content through approved DRM-protected schemes for PCs without requiring hardware roots of trust or software hardening, as long as digital outputs are protected by HDCP13. Some studios will allow still-image digital output without HDCP. Other studios will not license HD content in the Home Entertainment window for PC implementations unless they have hardware roots of trust (a la Intel Insider) or software hardening (see p. 18), because they want to avoid hacks similar to the AACS hack of January 2007, which affected software implementations14.
  • Sao Paulo Multi-network Event 2012 - Verimatrix

    1. 1. Securing Multi-networkContent and RevenueSteve ChristianVerimatrix #multinetwork #abta2012
    2. 2. Verimatrix ProfileMission Integrated content and revenue security for multi-network, multi-screen applications: IPTV, DVB broadcast, hybrid and Internet delivery to STBs, PCs, smart TVs, web tablets and mobile devicesHeadquarters San Diego, California, with European HQ in Munich, Germany; sales offices in France, The Netherlands, Russia, China, Singapore, Brazil and ArgentinaCustomers 550+ operator customers in 50 countries, including 20 Tier 1’s and 2’s – protecting more than 25M screens - STBs, PCs and other devicesPartners More than 110 ecosystem channel & integration partners Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia Siemens Networks, Technicolor and ZTEInvestors Goldman Sachs, Mission Ventures, Crescendo Ventures, Cipio Partners, JK&B Capital and SunAmerica Ventures 2
    3. 3. Multiple Video Services:A Viable Business Proposition? ????? Pay-TV Internet TV Service Service Subscriber Account Web portal RF Broadcast Broadband Network to home Service PC/Mac Specific STB Game console Tablet/Phone 3
    4. 4. An Explosion of Internet Traffic Today Future • 700 million video users x3= 2.1 billion video users • 10 mins of video daily x12= 2 hrs of video daily • 500 Kbps 7.5 Mbps for hi-def content x15= x540=
    5. 5. The New Frontier – A Broad Vision Transition legacy pay-TV deployment to flexible/profitable interactive services Upgrade MPEG-2 to MPEG-4 to serve HD Deliver service to STBs, PCs and Connected TVs Extend reach of services through broadband to mobile devices Enable global service access Manage last mile bandwidth usage
    6. 6. An Integrated Solution: DVB FoundationSMS / Middleware Single Security Authority Linear Content Broadcast Client Support Broadcast CSM Key & (DVB one-way) control data ViewRight DVB One-way DVB STB Multiplexers, Scramblers OMI / Entitlement Interface Verimatrix Entitlements DB 6
    7. 7. An Integrated Solution: DVB & OTTSMS / Middleware Single Security Authority Linear ViewRight Content Client Support Broadcast CSM (DVB one-way) Multiplexers, Scramblers ViewRight OMI / Entitlement Interface Key & control Desktop data ACSM Verimatrix Adaptive Streaming IP return path for ViewRight IPTV, Internet & Hybrid, or OTT clients OTT ViewRight Web Encoders, Encryptors, Servers Entitlements DB 7 On-demand Content
    8. 8. An Integrated Solution: Multi DRMSMS / Middleware Single Security Authority Linear Content ViewRight Client Support Broadcast CSM Key & (DVB one-way) control data ViewRight DVB One-way DVB STB Multiplexers, Operator Management Interface Scramblers ViewRight Hybtrid STB ACSM IPTV & Verimatrix Adaptive Streaming IP return path Hybrid for ViewRight IPTV, Hybrid, or OTT clients ViewRight PC / Mac MultiRights Marlin Server Encoders, iPhone & Encryptors, Android MultiRights Internet & PlayReady Server Servers OTT Entitlements DB MultiRights 8 MPEG-DASH Server On-demand Content 3rd-party Players MultiRights Framework & DRM Clients
    9. 9. Addressing Multi-network Complexity Transparency of subscriber experience Subscriber rights coordination across multiple delivery networks The broadest range of device types and delivery formats Management of subscriber “super domains”
    10. 10. HuaweiMiddleware Linear& system management Content VCAS 3 Head-end Harmonic Verimatrix ViewRight Encoders IPTV CSM Client Devices Envivio Verimatrix Encoders Verimatrix IPTV CSM ViewRight RTES Web OMI / Entitlement Interface Verimatrix HLS IPTV ACSM Key data ViewRight Verimatrix Network Smart TV switching Expansion Option IPTV ViewRight STB Huawei VOD ViewRight PC Verimatrix Entitlements DB VEM On-demand Content 10 Etisalat eLife IPTV/OTT
    11. 11. EricssonMiddleware Linear& system management Content VCAS 3 Head-end Tandberg Verimatrix Encoder & Linear Multiplexors DVB-S MultiCAS/DVB ViewRight Client Devices Verimatrix PIP BCSM option OMI / Entitlement Interface ViewRight Gateway/STB Verimatrix Key IPTV CSM data Verimatrix Network switching ViewRight IPTV PC VOD Expansion Option ViewRight Edgeware STB VOD Verimatrix Entitlements VEM DB On-demand Content GVT DVB Hybrid
    12. 12. Summary: Multi-network VideoServices: Best Practices Enable a transparent consumer experience Harmonize stream management with consistent adaptive rate technology Don’t assume streaming services deserve less security consideration – may be higher “No man is an island” – look for a proven ecosystem architecture 12
    13. 13. Thank #multinetwork #abta2012
    14. 14. VCAS Multi-Network Approach 3rd Party VCAS SMS / Middleware Client Support VCAS Unified Head-end Verimatrix ViewRight STB CSM (IPTV/Hybrid) Linear DVB One-way Verimatrix Content & Hybrid Bcast CSM ViewRight (DVB one-way) PC / Mac OMI / Entitlement Interface Verimatrix ACSM HTTP Live Srvr Key Scramblers, ViewRight IPTV Verimatrix data Encoders, Web Servers, MultiRights Modulators PlayReady Server MultiRights On-demand Marlin Server Content Internet & CDN 3rd-party Players HTML 5 Browsers MultiRights & DRM Clients MPEG-DASH IP return path Entitlements for ViewRight IPTV, DB Hybrid, or OTT clients MultiRights Other DRM MultiRights Framework©2012 Verimatrix, Inc. 14