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IBC 2013 Multi-network Forum - Akamai


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"Maximizing the Pipe: Hybrid Protocols for Optimized OTT Delivery" by Will Law, Chief Architect, Media Division

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IBC 2013 Multi-network Forum - Akamai

  1. 1. #multinetwork #IBCShow Maximizing the Pipe: Hybrid Protocols for Optimized OTT Delivery Will Law | Chief Architect | Akamai
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  3. 3. #multinetwork #IBCShow Video quality problems hurt our customers  Viewers start to abandon a video if it takes more than 2 seconds to start up • Playback failures like re-buffering result in less video consumed  Users are particularly sensitive to: • Startup time • Sustained bitrate • Re-buffer time
  4. 4. #multinetwork #IBCShow Problems due to poor network conditions  What do poor network conditions look like: • Packet loss is > 1% • Latency is > 100ms  Why does this happen: • Home network routers • Geographically remote users • Cellular connections
  5. 5. Network conditions by country TCP re-transmission rates, as sampled by our edge servers
  6. 6. Monolithic delivery  95% of OTT content today is delivered via unicast HTTP over TCP  UDP offers higher throughput, but it does not natively correct for packet loss or congestion  How can we improve this???? #multinetwork #IBCShow
  7. 7. The solution: A new Hybrid HTTP/UDP Protocol  This new protocol prevents packet loss and latency from impacting the video viewing experience by using: • Hybrid HTTP/UDP Transport Protocol • Forward Error Correction • Advanced Congestion Control #multinetwork #IBCShow
  8. 8. Astraeus Hybrid HTTP/UDP research  HTTP/UDP Hybrid Protocol • Transparent, reuses existing infrastructure  Advanced Congestion Control • Based on FastTCP, can provide further improvements due to flexibility of UDP  Forward Error Correction (FEC) • Raptor10 FEC Initial Results • ½ the startup time • 2x – 5x the bit rate • 10x fewer rebuffers #multinetwork #IBCShow
  9. 9. Astraeus – how would it be deployed?  Implemented on each Akamai edge server  SDKs for iOS, Android, Desktop, *.STB App layer integration. Service layer integration. Connected Device Stack OS Services / Libraries Application Framework App Astraeus SDK Astraeus SDK Standard HTTP App #multinetwork #IBCShow
  10. 10. Astraeus impact – initial lab test results These results show TCP Reno FastTCP Astraeus compared against certain sample network conditions under a controlled lab environment #multinetwork #IBCShow
  11. 11. Could we make it mo’ better?  We’re still unicasting with Astraeus - albeit more efficiently  What if we added the ability for that same client software to receive multicast streams if appropriate? #multinetwork #IBCShow
  12. 12. #multinetwork #IBCShow Multicast delivery – Requirements  Be compatible with existing media players such as Apple HLS player on iOS (i.e deliver segmented media to the app layer)  Must support Automatic Multicast Tunneling (AMT) in addition to native IP multicast  Support existing Akamai streaming features such as Media Encryption and DVR  Transparent fallback -> unicast Astraeus -> unicast TCP
  13. 13. Summary – Hybrid Client Protocol Stack #multinetwork #IBCShow TCP unicast UDP unicast UDP multicast } Smart clients which can switch smoothly between hybrid delivery protocols for optimized OTT delivery
  14. 14. Does this stuff actually work? #multinetwork #IBCShow
  15. 15. #multinetwork #IBCShow Thank You Visit us at #6.A15 Will Law