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CommunicAsia 2013, Multi-network Forum - Verimatrix

"Unified Rights Management for a Pervasive Video Experience" by Steve Christian, VP of Marketing, Verimatrix.

Asia is the world’s largest consumer of video content and a fertile ground for unauthorized offshore OTT services where a lack of regulation favors the growth of Internet-based pirate video operators, according to CASBAA. However operators are addressing this challenge by creating legitimate and engaging OTT services that add value for subscribers and attract a new generation of video hungry customers.

The ultimate goal is to offer an OTT video experience that is consistent across devices and consumption models, such as download and offline viewing. It needs to provide a seamless authentication process by managing security and content rights in the background, while creating one-to-one relationships with consumers to leverage targeted content recommendations and advertising.

At the Multi-network Solutions in the Real World Forum at CommunicAsia the panelists discussed how Asian operators are experimenting with new revenue models, service offerings and user experiences driven by OTT video networks.

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CommunicAsia 2013, Multi-network Forum - Verimatrix

  1. 1. #multinetwork #communicasia Unified Rights Management for Pervasive Video Steve Christian VP, Marketing Verimatrix
  2. 2. The Pervasive Video Model #multinetwork #communicasia Complete Service Rights Management Linear IP Delivery “Super-domain” Inside a Household Hybrid Wireless devices On-demand & Catch-up IP Delivery Smart TVs Broadband Access Point Head End and ..Beyond Linear RF Delivery HD STB
  3. 3. An Economic Reality Check  Unicast technologies and economies of scale improving relative to broadcast (Decieux)  But:  Incremental cost per household and per service hour overwhelmingly favor broadcast  Universal high bandwidth Internet delivery beyond capacity of any current infrastructure $0.000 $0.050 $0.100 $0.150 $0.200 $0.250 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Large Largest Satellite Approx. cost per GB video service delivered (CDN estimates from Dan Rayburn #multinetwork #communicasia
  4. 4. The State of the Market Today  Fragmented operator approach to extending services online is recipe for user confusion  Different pay-TV, catch-up and OTT service silos miss the opportunity to sync user preferences  Balkanized usage data fails to link cross platform consumption habits “Standardizing and simplifying the authentication process will help customers know what they are using and erase the barriers to greater use and demand.” David Tice, Senior Vice President of Media at GfK “Despite Media Companies‟ Best Efforts, „TV Everywhere‟ Is Nowhere.” Wall Street Journal, 18 Jan 2013 #multinetwork #communicasia “Content rights inconsistency between platforms corrodes the user experience of a service.” Videonet, Issue 18, 2013
  5. 5. Pervasive Video Services Realize the full benefits of multi-network, multi-screen services with a consistent model for today‟s delivery… …and tomorrow‟s challenges • Managed pay-TV • Unmanaged OTT • Home networks • Remote access And instrument the service as a whole so you know where to improve IPTV or RF OTT Harmonized Rights Management Home Gateway and In-home Networking #multinetwork #communicasia
  6. 6. What Multi-network Security Means Eliminates the boundary between CA and DRM philosophies Efficient service delivery independent of network technology Network upgrades without the burden of re- integration Future-proofing against standards transitions A seamless multi-screen rights management experience for consumers #multinetwork #communicasia
  7. 7. CA+DRM = Revenue Security  The service paradigm is shifting rapidly towards hybrid delivery  Revenue threats need to be addressed just as uniformly as the interface to the user  Pervasive video services need a future facing form of security management  An integrated multi-network security approach enables the best operator and consumer service delivery environment #multinetwork #communicasia
  8. 8. #multinetwork #communicasia Thank You Visit us at #1M2-07