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"Taking In-Flight Entertainment to New Heights with OTT" by Jonathan Tai, CFO, Tune Box.

Asia is the world’s largest consumer of video content and a fertile ground for unauthorized offshore OTT services where a lack of regulation favors the growth of Internet-based pirate video operators, according to CASBAA. However operators are addressing this challenge by creating legitimate and engaging OTT services that add value for subscribers and attract a new generation of video hungry customers.

The ultimate goal is to offer an OTT video experience that is consistent across devices and consumption models, such as download and offline viewing. It needs to provide a seamless authentication process by managing security and content rights in the background, while creating one-to-one relationships with consumers to leverage targeted content recommendations and advertising.

At the Multi-network Solutions in the Real World Forum at CommunicAsia the panelists discussed how Asian operators are experimenting with new revenue models, service offerings and user experiences driven by OTT video networks.

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CommunicAsia 2013, Multi-network Forum - Tune Box

  1. 1. #multinetwork #communicasia Taking In-Flight Entertainment to New Heights with OTT Jonathan Tai, CFO Tune Box
  2. 2. #multinetwork #communicasia Company Overview
  3. 3. #multinetwork #communicasia Company Overview DELIVERY CHANNELS: INFLIGHT CLOSED NETWORKS OTT
  4. 4. Traditional IFEC #multinetwork #communicasia  High cost, high barriers, controlled by a Duopoly  Miles of cabling, High Fuel Burn  Behind technology curve  Necessary but non-revenue generating service  Rigid, expensive certification process  Cumbersome UI and navigations/controls  Subpar to home entertainment experience
  5. 5. Impact of Smart Devices #multinetwork #communicasia  Lightweight, hi-resolution  Hours of video  Familiarity  Reduced maintenance  Less fuel burn  Minimal infra cost  Less rigorous certification IMPLEMENTATION AND TRIALS BY AIRLINES TUNE BOX PRELOADED SOLUTION ON AIRASIA X
  6. 6. Future of IFEC - Wireless Streaming #multinetwork #communicasia  Stream directly to passenger devices  Mirror existing content consumption  Huge library of content  Up to 70% concurrency  Fraction of the cost  Flexible and Lightweight  Internet enabled  Low maintenance
  7. 7. Wireless Streaming – OTT Technology #multinetwork #communicasia  Streaming - Content security issues  Verimatrix – relationship with studios & DRM constantly evolving  Manage keys – secure keys, viewright client  Key duplication – online offline hospitality solution  Manage output protection  Lightweight solution for limited hardware & processing power  Routed the device or jailbreak, the DRM plugin can detect & disable content
  8. 8. Linking Inflight with OTT  Single application, accessing the service from the cloud or the IFE server  Pause inflight, continue on the ground  Passengers to extend the experience for 24 hours  Customer conversion to OTT – homes, hotels  One application, one service, multiple channels #multinetwork #communicasia
  9. 9. #multinetwork #communicasia Any Where Any Device Any Time
  10. 10. #multinetwork #communicasia Thank You