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Multi-network Solutions in the Real World Forum at Convergence India


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"How the Cloud is Driving Multi-screen Revenue" - With the analog-to-digital transition well underway, Indian service providers are looking to leverage their digital infrastructure to increase ARPU and loyalty with existing subscribers, while also growing their business via new customers. Many are investigating cloud-based media delivery, which is gaining lots of attention because of the promise of cost savings, flexibility, scalability - and the generation of new revenue streams.

During this forum, Vidya Nath from Frost & Sullivan presented how operators can best take advantage of the cloud to deploy next-generation hybrid TV services. GD Singh of DigiVive followed up with their approach to leveraging cloud-based services.

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Multi-network Solutions in the Real World Forum at Convergence India

  1. 1. How the Cloud is Driving Multi-screen Revenue 22 January 2014 11:45-13:30 hrs Krishna Room #multinetwork #ConvergenceIndia
  2. 2. How the Cloud is Driving Multi-screen Revenue Welcome & Introduction Vidya S. Nath, Director, Digital Media, Frost & Sullivan “In Conversation” Discussion G.D. Singh, Director, DigiVive Panel Discussion and Audience Q&A G.D. Singh, Director, DigiVive Subhashish Mazumdar, Sr. Vice President- Marketing & Customer Relations , Hinduja Group Anil Prakash, Secretary General, Broadband India Forum Arivan Govindan, Vice President, Sales, APAC, RGB Networks Steve Christian, VP Marketing, Verimatrix #multinetwork #ConvergenceIndia
  3. 3. Multiscreen & Cloud How to Make it Work in India Vidya S. Nath Director, Digital Media Frost & Sullivan #multinetwork #ConvergenceIndia
  4. 4. How much we love video #multinetwork #ConvergenceIndia
  5. 5. The Stats Corner …. Population: 1.3 billion Internet Users: 200 million Mobile Internet Users: 110 million Facebook Users: 80 million 195 TV households 154 Cable & Satellite households 1 Billion mobile phone users #multinetwork #ConvergenceIndia
  6. 6. 20 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 1,600 1,400 1,200 1,000 800 600 400 200 Year 0 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027 2028 2029 2030 150 m debit & credit card users Population in Millions GDP PPP in $ Trillion …& the Big Picture - the consumers… 350 m debit & credit card users #multinetwork #ConvergenceIndia Demographic 0-14 years: 15-59 years: 60 years and over: 2008 31.0% 60.8% 8% 2030 22.6% 63.8% 13.6%
  7. 7. …over the next decade, where will they be? 2020 – World Class Infrastructure •Sub satellite towns developing around satellite towns •Housing World Class infrastructure – •Ring roads and radial roads – connected to national highways •IT companies/ private firms locating their satellite towns around big towns •500 fully operational airports •Airports handling 100 million passengers, and 3.4 million tonnes of cargo per annum 2030 – Interconnectivity with Sub Satellite Towns •Integration between satellite towns and surrounding sub satellite towns with the core city •Horizontal Expansion of city boundaries Townships at peripheries engulfed within city limits •World Class Gateway Airports connecting tier1,2 cities •Special Metro Rail/ Bus transits systems connecting airports to city centers #multinetwork #ConvergenceIndia
  8. 8. The Market is Evolving and Convergence (or Divergence?) is a Starting Point Market Trends Convergence Peak activity between now and 2015 •Blurring the lines for service providers, content creators and device makers •Need to make content available to customers anytime, anywhere, any device – on demand! Consolidation & Partnerships •Highly fragmented market to be unified either by consolidation or partnerships •Integration of siloed systems in a workflow Peak activity 2012 to 2017 Emerging Applications •Content portability across three screens •Cloud access for content and collaboration •Highly interactive and seamless consumer experiences •Targeted content and advertising Peak activity 2015 to 2020 #multinetwork #ConvergenceIndia Next Gen Interactive Content Services
  9. 9. Allay Your Fears What’s a TV?? • The business of video: More expansive, more industry participants • Technology is just an enabler: ‘Cable’, ‘Satellite’, ‘IPTV’, ‘OTT’differentiator as services will start to disappear • Cord-cutting a myth : Viewers will switch services, not switch-off • “TV-everywhere” is a reality: An opportunity, not a threat • The definition of “premium” content will change #multinetwork #ConvergenceIndia
  10. 10. Key Takeaways from Global Trends in Pay TV Position: TV Everywhere is a “must-have” service offering for any Pay TV provider today. End-user device proliferation and ubiquitous connectivity are driving a demand side pull for such services. Thus, despite business model ambiguity, the need to provide these services is mandatory Standards: Pay TV providers are increasingly struggling to unify and streamline the multi-screen experience and make it cohesive across all screens. This pertains to the client facing user experience to mirror all primary screen experience to secondary screens as well as from an upstream workflow and delivery perspective for the operator Competition: Any tech savvy teen can publish video online – OVPs are trying to reinvent and position themselves to be more monetization focussed as others across the value chain – analytics has become a key area of focus Strategy: Cloud architectures will play a key role to deploy TVE . As delivery to unmanaged devices grows, so is the need to use the cloud to complement the traditional STB based managed device paradigm #multinetwork #ConvergenceIndia
  11. 11. Cloud Ecosystem- Integration from Acquisition to Delivery Production Post Production Content Management & Integration SEO Enablement Long Term: Cloud-based Platforms Social Media Integration Content Monetization #multinetwork #ConvergenceIndia Measurement & Optimization Video Hosting & Distribution
  12. 12. Trends, Opportunities & Unmet Needs Relevant Trends Unmanaged device proliferation Cable IP-fication Apps for superior content experiences Price slash on headend components and CPE Cloud-based Middleware Unmet Needs The market wants a monetization focused feature/app rich agile platform which has deployment flexibility through CPE or the cloud Consolidation among large infrastructure providers Smarter digital media hubs replacing STBs Revamping Pay TV business models Cable is moving toward IP TVE is a potential game changer OTT is in the throes of developing its identity Seize the Moment! Subsidized fiber rollouts through rural telcos #multinetwork #ConvergenceIndia Closed platforms hinder continuous development "One size fits only a few“ products limit market traction Difficulty in implementation of seamless TVE experience despite market excitement Lack of sustained customer support towards platform development Demand for unobtrusive, nondisruptive middleware
  13. 13. Factors Influencing the M&E Ecosystem: Key Takeaways Transformative technical trends and changing priorities, in descending order of impact Leverage both technology and creative programming to adapt existing IPTV , cable and DTH brands to remain relevant and attractive for the next decade. Critical Adapt business model, operations infrastructure and CPE to position for ongoing growth despite ongoing market disruptions. Urgent Minimize churn and maximize subs/homes passed ratio through attractive entrylevel packages, quad-play bundles and advanced offerings (HD, DVR, PPV, multiscreen, TVE, etc) as well sticky digital home services. Key Essential Basic Upgrade infrastructure to meet growing throughput demands and competitive need to differentiate on quality. Continue to grow revenues, if not subscriber counts, through compelling priceproduct combination , despite competition from other pay TV service providers and alternate content sources. #multinetwork #ConvergenceIndia
  14. 14. “Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment” Plug n playpromote, pass on, prepare, produc e…. #multinetwork #ConvergenceIndia
  15. 15. Thank You @NathVidya #multinetwork #ConvergenceIndia
  16. 16. G.D. Singh Director DigiVive
  17. 17. DigiVive – Journey till Now DigiVive Services Private Limited, incorporated in Mar 2010, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Matrix Worldwide Limited – a company listed on Bombay Stock Exchange DigiVive’s Journey till Now Awards & Accolades Bagged m-Billionth Award South Asia in m-entertainment category in 2013 Bagged Opera’s 2012 Top Apps Award in the entertainment category, Symbian platforms Ranked among top 5 apps in the entertainment category apps by Nokia OVI Stores and i-tunes Ranked among top 5 apps in the entertainment category by Google Play
  18. 18. DigiVive’s content offerings include different genres & huge library of VOD, Live Channels & TSTV Live TV (140+) Video On Demand Movies LifeStyle Classics Fun Zone Health & Fitness Time Shift TV General Entertainment Channels Regional Channels and Many more Cricket & Other Sports Kumbh Special Sports & Special Events
  19. 19. Billing Partners – nexGTv provides telco wallet as well as direct billing options to its customers nexGTv Wallet Account nexGTv wallet is integrated with Credit Card, Net Banking providers.
  20. 20. DigiVive delivers through Platform App stores, Independent App stores, Operator App stores & OEMs Platform app stores Operators App Stores App Stores OEMs
  21. 21. Some of the brands advertising with us
  22. 22. Media Coverage – Pepsi IPL on nexGTv acquires rights to broadcast
  23. 23. THANK YOU For more information on: DigiVive > visit us at or follow us on nexGTv > visit us at or follow @NEXG APPS on
  24. 24. How the Cloud is Driving Multi-screen Revenue Panel Discussion and Audience Q&A G.D. Singh, Director, DigiVive Subhashish Mazumdar, Sr. VP-Marketing & Customer Relations , Hinduja Group Anil Prakash, Secretary General, Broadband India Forum Arivan Govindan, Vice President, Sales, APAC, RGB Networks Steve Christian, VP Marketing, Verimatrix #multinetwork #ConvergenceIndia
  25. 25. Thank you Visit to access materials from the Forum #multinetwork #ConvergenceIndia