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Monetizing OTT/On Demand Services – presentation by Mr. Venu Madhav
Regional Manager - APAC/SEA & MEA -- Magnaquest Technologies on March 12, 2013. This installment of the Multi-network Solutions in the Real World Forum series discussed Extending Your Network with OTT Video. It was offered on-site during CABSAT 2013, with the goal to break down the technical and business challenges that operators face with multi-network services.

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CABSAT 2013 Multi-network Forum - Magnaquest

  1. 1. Monetizing OTT/OnDemand ServicesVenu MadhavRegional Manager - APAC/SEA & MEAMagnaquest Technologies #multinetwork #CABSAT
  2. 2. Key Points OTT – Your TV is changing Why are operators offering OTT services Magnaquest on OTT Challenges in OTT monetization Magnaquest solution framework Key benefits Case study #multinetwork #CABSAT
  3. 3. OTT – Your TV is changing #multinetwork #CABSAT
  4. 4. Why should you offer OTT services?  To capture subscribers who do not subscribe to multichannel video services  End users are increasingly using broadband to watch video  25% of all video viewing in USA happens on the Internet using tablets and smartphones  33% of US households streamed a TV show on the Internet in last 30 days  Netflix is a cost effective alternative to pay- TV, pay-per-view and VODSource: Informa Telecoms & Media #multinetwork #CABSAT
  5. 5. Why should you offer OTT services?  16% of US broadband customers consider using an online subscription over VoD  18% of US broadband customers consider ordering premium movies over Netflix over VoD  TV Everywhere as a service provider line of defense against the allure of OTT options has not proven particularly effectiveSource: Informa Telecoms & Media #multinetwork #CABSAT
  6. 6. Magnaquest Point of View 1 Online Video consumption is on the rise. Consumers are taking more control of what they want to viewing, when they want to view and where - Different Devices, Different Schedules. 2 The convergence of the Broadband and Pay- TV is going to revolutionize the way people watch TV and has the potential to change the market dynamics for every player in the industry. 3 Emergence of large Scale OTT video platforms will lead to consolidation as well as cooperation among various players – Telcos, Internet firms, Cable/DTH, Broadcasters, device manufactures. #multinetwork #CABSAT
  7. 7. Challenges in OTT monetization Platform-specific challenges:  Cost-effective Platform to offer array of several monetization models  Comprehensive and easy-to-manage video commerce support system  Dynamic platform that supports packaging and promotions  Platform that centralizes Advertising, Subscriptions, Rentals and Purchases  Dynamic Policy engine (e.g. geographic rights to content)  Dynamic insertion of Advertisements based on the context and user profile  Automate service provisioning & usage mediation #multinetwork #CABSAT
  8. 8. Challenges in OTT monetization Other challenges:  Managing backhaul costs effectively (Distributed CDN)  Launch innovative services and price plans (e.g. Season passes)  Gaining consumer insights to develop tailored and personalized services  Manage and bill for multiple subscriber profiles and packages like VoD, TV, Commerce, Games under a subscriber account  Benefiting from targeted promotion campaigns based on viewing habits  Manage content partner settlements  Plan loyalty schemes  Provide flexible payment options to subscribers #multinetwork #CABSAT
  9. 9. Magnaquest OTT monetization framework Self Service Mobile SMS TV Portal Contact Center Portal Social Media Content Recommendation Personalization Integration Management Subscriber Profile Device Tracking Order Management Gift Coupons Management Multi Service Partner Rating Payments Billing Settlements Provisioning & Voucher Self Care Customer Care Mediation Management TV Commerce DRM VOD Middleware Gaming Server Server M A G N A Q U E S T OTT M O N E T I Z AT I O N F R A M E W O R K #multinetwork #CABSAT
  10. 10. Key benefits Opens new streams of video-revenue from  Advertising, ad sales, targeted advertising  Cross bundling with discount structures  Impulse buys  Additional sales due to recommendations  Multi-screen viewing Soft benefits Recurring subscriptions • Improved customer  Content fee experience  Platform services fees • Improved utilization Transactional of infrastructure  VOD, Apps, Games, t-Commerce, premium services #multinetwork #CABSAT
  11. 11. Case study • A leading MSO in APAC was launching its OTT and new video content. Payment • They needed to deliver VoD Server Gateway the motion pictures from library everywhere their viewers wanted to watch them, while Magnaquest monetizing content Billing and across each platform. CRM Solution Kit • They engaged Magnaquest to gain insights on this viewership to better serve their customers and appropriately monetize their content. Games Portal Payment Gateway • Magnaquest also integrated their eco- system to deliver the results. #multinetwork #CABSAT
  12. 12. Thank #multinetwork #CABSAT