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Cable congress 2014 Steve Christian Verimatrix Keynote

Transforming the Landscape – The Rise of The Software Empowered Video Operator
Steve Christian, VP, Marketing and Product Management, Verimatrix

Life on the competitive frontier of video services today requires agility, technical prowess and extreme leverage of available technical and commercial resources. Operators today are less and less constrained by previous generations of technical standards and operating conventions, and more able to reach out beyond their franchise or geographic boundaries in search of new customers. To keep up with competitive demand, and to prepare for the next generation of UHD/4K services, the video services industry is experiencing a steady technological, and more importantly cultural, shift. At its heart, this is a shift towards networks and other infrastructure components that will be fundamentally based on IP technologies – and that this also implies a movement away from hardware-defined value proposition to that that is more software-centric and adaptable. This presentation will profile some of the key drivers of this trend and identify some implications for operators and vendors.

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Cable congress 2014 Steve Christian Verimatrix Keynote

  1. 1. The Rise of the Software Empowered Video Operator Steve Christian Cable Congress - Mar 2014
  2. 2. © Copyright 2014 Verimatrix, Inc.2 of the Software-Empowered Video Operator
  3. 3. Evolutions in TV Services  Digital TV  Flat screen TV  Smart TV  3D TV  Ultra HD  and beyond?  Black & White TV  Color TV © Copyright 2014 Verimatrix, Inc.3
  4. 4. © Copyright 2014 Verimatrix, Inc.4 “I believe television will change more in the next five years than in the last 50.” -Brian L. Roberts, CEO, Comcast
  5. 5. What are the Key Areas of Change? © Copyright 2014 Verimatrix, Inc.5 Business Models Consumer Experience Enabling Technology
  6. 6. Core Technology Drivers © Copyright 2014 Verimatrix, Inc.6 Consumer expectation of services delivered seamlessly to a vastly expanded range of device types Delivery over multiple network types: cable, broadband and mobile, using a mix of protocols and bitrates A much broader range of content value points, including premium UHD/4K offerings A demand for more dynamic business and presentation models that address new user expectations and service usage trends
  7. 7. Undeniable Industry Trends © Copyright 2014 Verimatrix, Inc.7 Hybrid Network & All-IP Delivery CPE Functionality Security Functions SDNs and NFV IP & Virtual Head Ends
  8. 8. Implications for Service Operators © Copyright 2014 Verimatrix, Inc.8 IT scale vendor choice and economics Dynamic resource & presentation management True multi-screen service synergy Holistic data capture and service responsiveness Delivery format agility
  9. 9. Elements of an IP-centric Revenue Security Approach © Copyright 2014 Verimatrix, Inc.9 Network-centric business management Forensics Network proven authentication IP enabled ecosystem 4K/UHD ready revenue security
  10. 10. Verimatrix Profile: © Copyright 2014 Verimatrix, Inc.10 720+ Customers 40M+ Screens protected $6Bn+ Revenue protected 7+ Years as IPTV global number one 23 Awards 100+ Deployment countries 7 Global SIs 110+ Ecosystem Partners Revenue security for multi-network, multi-screen video services
  11. 11. Enabling the Software-Empowered Operator © Copyright 2014 Verimatrix, Inc.11 Broaden use of IP and software infrastructure at every level Leverage a new class of ecosystem relationships and subsystems Employ IP-centric revenue security as a fundamental building block Seize the more dynamic future of video service delivery
  12. 12. Thank You! Ebook available