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IP 1 Northwestern Technologies Social Media PPT


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PowerPoint presentation for IMKT 120 demonstrating the value of social media as a marketing strategy for fictional company Northwestern Technologies

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IP 1 Northwestern Technologies Social Media PPT

  1. 1. Social Media andNorthwestern Technologies Presented by Katie Forzley, XYZ Advertising Agency
  2. 2. What is Social Media?
  3. 3. What is Social Media? Online tool for fostering new and existing relationships ◦ Done through interaction and sharing of ideas and media Social = interaction and relationships
  4. 4. So What? It’s not about WHAT you know, but about WHO you know ◦ One key to a successful business is relationships Social media is all about fostering relationships ◦ Take it one step further – social media marketing
  5. 5. Social Media Stats December 2008 – Dell reports $1 million in sales thanks to Twitter April 2011 – 42% of adult internet users followed at least one retailer on social media sites
  6. 6. Social Media and B2B Survey of B2B Businesses ◦ 80% participate in blogs ◦ 69% participate in social networks Post valuable info and resources Feedback from clients and non-clients alike Gain wider recognition through sharing Troubleshooting in real time
  7. 7. Why You Should Care Northwestern Technologies’ target market is already using social media to communicate with their target market Social Media is a valuable method of interaction with existing and prospective clients
  8. 8. Why Choose XYZ? Experience! Tailored social media marketing plan What your target market is using now and in the future Set up accounts for Northwestern Technologies The 3 Ws of posting ◦ What ◦ When ◦ Who
  9. 9. Questions?