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Ccesl admissions presentation 2017


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overview of the HWS Center for Community Engagement and Service-Learning

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Ccesl admissions presentation 2017

  2. 2. Who We Are Katie Flowers: Director Jeremy Wattles: Associate Director Shayne Feinberg, Program Coordinator Amy Jackson Sellers, Geneva 2020 Program Coordinator 203 Trinity Hall x3825 E-mail Representatives from the City, the Wyckoff Family Foundation, HWS Colleges, and Geneva Community Projects cut the ribbon of the Community Build Playground
  3. 3. Where We Are The Center is located on the second floor of Trinity Hall.
  4. 4. MISSION STATEMENT: We stand for learning through service that produces students who are civically engaged and graduates who the have skills to be active global citizens
  5. 5. VISION STATEMENT: A sustained, engaged relationship with the community that promotes positive community change and enhanced student learning
  6. 6. COMPASS Community Service Civic Engagement Civic Leadership Engaged Citizenship
  7. 7. •Geneva 2020 is an important effort to advance the Geneva schools and build a stronger community. •Harnessing the resources of the entire Geneva community: non-profits, businesses, and individuals •we provide assistance in three key areas identified by the school district as being critical to the future of Geneva’s children -school readiness -school success (graduation) -career/college prep
  8. 8. PRE-ORIENTATION SERVICE CCESL offers preorientation community service adventure trips, where students have the opportunity to make friends and give back. For example, we’ve helped build 4 houses with Habitat for Humanity since 2009. For more information, check out
  9. 9. First Year Orientation Service Projects (welcome to Geneva!) During Orientation, First Year students work on different community service projects together to help the community and build lasting friendships at the same time.
  10. 10. ANNUAL DAYS OF SERVICE: Students, faculty, staff and community members come together to perform acts of service in and around the Geneva community during these annual service events.
  11. 11. HWS VOTES: 1. Voter Registration 2. Voter Education 3. Election Day HWS Votes recruits volunteers from a number of different clubs and organizations on campus: • College Democrats • College Republicans • Campus Greens • Progressive Student Union • Women's Collective • William Smith Congress • Hobart Student Gov’t
  12. 12. HOLIDAY GIFT PROJECT CCESL project where gifts/money are collected and used to purchase holiday gifts for needy families
  13. 13. ANNUAL COMMUNITY SALE Every spring after students move out, unwanted items are collected and sold at a huge “yard sale.” All proceeds go to Geneva 2020. Funds raised as of 2017…$79,000 and diverted 44 tons of materials
  14. 14. COMMUNITY LUNCH PROGRAM: THURSDAYS IN OCTOBER AND FEBRUARY Students, faculty and staff work together to prepare and serve a hot meal for underprivileged people in the community for 8 Thursdays during the school year.
  15. 15. HABITAT FOR HUMANITY The HWS chapter works with local organizations to aid in the construction of safe housing for area residents. Email for more information!
  16. 16. ALTERNATIVE SPRING BREAK Alternative spring break in March - students work on a project held off-campus. Over the past few years, HWS students have gone to Virginia, North Carolina, Nicaragua, Jamaica, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, The Bronx, New Jersey and the Gulf Coast.
  17. 17. GENEVA HEROES Founded in 2002, Geneva Heroes is a program organized by HWS students which teaches leadership and teambuilding skills to Geneva middle school students while working on service projects.
  18. 18. AMERICA READS! A federal work study program which places HWS tutors in six area schools. Tutors spend one-on-one time with an elementary aged student to help improve upon his/her reading and writing skills and abilities.
  19. 19. GENEVA BOYS & GIRLS CLUB – TUTOR CORPS Two locations - Geneva Community Center - Goodman Street club Tutoring and Mentoring - Homework help - recreation and sports, - arts and crafts, drama, dance, music, - leadership development, - fundraising, special events, - chaperoning, computer literacy training, clerical support etc.
  20. 20. GENEVA 2020 HOUSE 639 SOUTH MAIN STREET The Geneva 2020 house seeks students committed to service, educational equity, & youth empowerment. Residents will complete a 30 hour per semester service requirement, the majority of which comes from direct engagement with Geneva’s children & public school system.
  21. 21. BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS Helps local youth ages 6-16 meet their potential by matching HWS students in one-on-one mentoring relationships
  22. 22. Student Reported Benefits 1. Develop real world experience & skills 2. Critical thinking skills 3. Communication 4. Teamwork 5. Civic responsibility 6. Problem solving 7. Public speaking 8. Computer skills 9. Research skills 10. Analytical skills 10 Top Skills Employers Want 1. Written & Verbal Communication skills 2. Interpersonal Skills 3. Motivation/Initiative 4. Strong work ethic 5. Teamwork skills 6. Analytical skills 7. Flexibility/Adaptability 8. Computer skills 9. Leadership skills 10. Organizational Skills SERVICE-LEARNING @ HWS Colleges Annually over 350 students enroll in close to 20 classes
  23. 23. COMMUNITY BASED RESEARCH Students have the opportunity to collaborate with community partners and faculty advisors on research projects which have real community impact.
  25. 25. Service doesn’t end when classes do! Summer of service Internship program – established in 2011 and has engaged 23 student interns for 10 weeks in service to and with local community partners…
  26. 26. The All-America City Award recognizes ten communities annually for outstanding civic impact and action planning. Winning applicants demonstrate innovation, inclusiveness, civic engagement, and cross sector collaboration by describing successful efforts to address pressing local challenges