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Summative all for Educreations

  1. 1. Final Presentation for Educreations Mini Garden Lesson Name(s) _______________________ ______________________________ CATEGORY 4 - Advanced 3 - Proficient 2 - Progressing 1 - Beginning Images The images chosen or drawn The images chosen or drawn The images chosen or drawn The graphics chosen or drawn are exceptional and are appropriate. Several are acceptable. Few resources are limited and may not appropriate. Many different different resources accessed accessed for the graphics support the content. Little or resources accessed and the and the best graphics chosen. chosen. An attempt was made no attempt to use images to best graphics chosen. The The images may communicate but it needed more work. communicate ideas. images may communicate symbolism and/or metaphors. Image choice is logical. symbolism and/or metaphors. Voice - Consistency Voice quality is clear and Voice quality is clear and Voice quality is clear and Voice quality needs more consistently audible consistently audible consistently audible through attention. throughout the presentation. throughout the majority (85- some (70-84%)of the 95%) of the presentation. presentation. Voice - Pacing The pace (rhythm and voice Occasionally speaks too fast or Tries to use pacing (rhythm No attempt to match the pace punctuation) fits the story line too slowly for the story line. and voice punctuation), but it of the storytelling to the and helps the audience really The pacing (rhythm and voice is often noticeable that the story line or the audience. "get into" the story. punctuation) is relatively pacing does not fit the story engaging for the audience. line. Audience is not consistently engaged. Economy The story is told with exactly The story composition is The story seems to need more The story needs extensive the right amount of detail typically good, though it seems editing. It is noticeably too editing. It is too long or too throughout. It does not seem to drag somewhat OR need long or too short in more than short to be interesting. too short nor does it seem too slightly more detail in one or one section. long. two sections. Narrative Narrative is clear and easy to Narrative is clear and easy to Narrative is for the most part Narrative is hard to understand without "ums", understand without "ums", clear and easy to understand. understand, there may be "uhhhs" etc. There are no "uhhhs" etc. There are no There may be a few "ums", mumbling. Frequent unnecessary pauses in the unnecessary pauses in the "uhhhs" etc. There are a few unnecessary pauses, "ums" and narrative. The narrative is narrative. The narrative shows unnecessary pauses in the "uhhs" etc. highly expressive and would be expression and is enjoyable to narrative. enjoyable to listen to more listen to. than once.
  2. 2. Self and Peer assessment of Educreations Tutorial Name(s) _______________________ ______________________________ CATEGORY 4 - Advanced 3 - Proficient 2 - Progressing 1 - Beginning Oral Presentation Interesting, well rehearsed Relatively interesting, Delivery not smooth, but able to Delivery not smooth and with smooth delivery that holds rehearsed with a fairly smooth hold audience attention most of audience attention lost. audience attention. delivery that usually holds the time. audience attention. Attractiveness Makes excellent use of color, Makes good use of color, Makes use of color, graphics, Use of color, graphics, effects graphics, effects, etc. to graphics, effects, etc. to effects, etc. but occasionally etc. but these often distract enhance the presentation. enhance to presentation. these detract from the from the presentation content. presentation content. Content Covers topic in-depth with Includes essential knowledge Includes essential information Content is minimal OR there are details and examples. Subject about the topic. Subject about the topic but there are 1- several factual errors. knowledge is excellent. knowledge appears to be good. 2 factual errors. Originality Product shows a large amount Product shows some original Uses other people's ideas Uses other people's ideas, but of original thought. Ideas are thought. Work shows new ideas (giving them credit), but there does not give them credit. creative and inventive. and insights. is little evidence of original thinking. Workload The workload is divided and The workload is divided and The workload was divided, but The workload was not divided shared equally by all team shared fairly by all team one person in the group is OR several people in the group members. members, though workloads may viewed as not doing his/her fair are viewed as not doing their vary from person to person. share of the work. fair share of the work.