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Inbound Marketing The Art of Not Sucking - The Content Marketing Show


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My presentation from the Content Marketing Show. How Inbound Marketing can all help us marketers to suck a little less in the content we produce.

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Inbound Marketing The Art of Not Sucking - The Content Marketing Show

  1. INBOUND INBOUND MARKETING: MARKETING: THE ART OF THE ART OF NOT SUCKING. NOT SUCKING. Kieran Flanagan, Marketing Director (EMEA) @ HubSpot Kieran Flanagan, Marketing Director (EME) @ HubSpot @searchbrat @searchbrat
  2. MARKETERS ARE NOT LOVED. car salespeople stockbrokers Polticians lawyers marketers Less Lovable More Lovable
  4. Don’t believe me, want some examples?
  6. Spam: “The Aids equivalent for the internet. No known cure.” Source:
  8. Pop up ads: “The reason the internet sucks.” Source:
  9. Interruptive SELFISH
  10. SUCKING AT MARKETING 1 Generic 2 Interruptive 3 Selfish
  11. SUCKING A LOT LESS AT MARKETING 1 Generic Understand Your Audience 2 Interruptive Aim for Remarkable 3 Selfish Promote Value
  12. 1 1 Understand BUYER Your Audience PERSONAS
  13. MARKETING MARY • • • • • Primary Professional marketer (VP, Director, Manager) Mid-sized company (25-200 employees) Small marketing team (1-5 people) BComm (BU), MBA (Babson) 42, Married, 2 Kids (10 and 6) Goals: • Support sales with collateral and leads • Manage company communications • Build awareness Challenges: • Too much to do • Not sure how to get there • Marketing tool and channel mess Loves HubSpot because: • Easy to use tools that make her life easier • Learn inbound marketing best practices • Easier reporting to sales and CEO
  14. OWNER OLLIE • • • • • Secondar y Business owner (Founder, President, Partner) Small business (1-10 employees) Industry expert with no marketing experience BA History (University of Illinois) 44, Married, 3 Kids (20, 16, and 11) Goals: • Deliver on past sales • Generate new sales • Keep the business running Challenges: • Lack of marketing expertise • No control over marketing assets • No time or budget for marketing Loves HubSpot because: • Get more sales and leads • Get control over marketing assets • Learn Inbound Marketing
  15. ENTERPRISE ERIN • • • • • Secondar y Director of Marketing Operations (VP Marketing , Product Marketing) Large company (200-2,000 employees) Marketing team of 15+ BS (Merrimack), MBA (Bentley) 30, Married recently Goals: • Demand/pipeline generation • Campaign execution and coordination Challenges: • Working with sales • Data & technlogy overload • Selling use cases to IT, Legal, Sales, Execs • • • • Loves HubSpot because: Integration with all of her systems Homebase for marketing with takeaways Easy to execute on campaigns Stay at the forefront of marketing
  16. 23% of European marketers are focused on reaching the right audience, and converting them into leads. Resource:
  17. @ tweet this A successful Inbound Marketing strategy is anchored around your different buyer personas @Searchbrat
  18. 2 1 1 Aim for Remarkable Understand BUYER Your Audience PERSONAS
  19. Create content that adds value,
  20. Create content that adds value, solves a pain point,
  21. Create content that adds value, solves a pain point, or just entertains.
  23. @ tweet this Being remarkable is something you strive for, a mindset, not just marketing fluff. @Searchbrat
  24. Promote Value 3
  25. @ tweet this Marketers will always ask how to do more content. The right question is how do I distribute it to the right people @Searchbrat
  26. THE POSSIBLE EYEBALLS YOU CAN GENERATE. Distribution Channels Engagement (CTR) Engaged Audience Blog 50,000 6% 3000 Email 10,000 3% 300 Facebook 8000 2.5% 200 Twitter 1000 0.5% 5 Co-Brand Content Available Audience 30000 1.5% 450
  27. @ tweet this If you spend 10 hours developing a piece of content you should spend at least 10 hours promoting it. @Searchbrat
  28. Hire for Content Distribution ?
  29. Leverage Audience
  30. Seed to people with the same
  31. Facebook – Custom Audiences / Interests / Individuals / Retargeting
  32. Twitter Interest Groups Slide Twitter
  34. Take time to understand your audience.
  35. Aim for remarkable.
  36. And promote the value you create
  37. Get in Contact. Twitter: @searchbrat LinkedIn: Google+: Search for “Kieran Flanagan: