“Read” All Over Black, White &                                                         Kelly Alsip Fischer                ...
Take your visitors on a “virtual tour” by placing QR codes in                                                     Where ca...
Art Gallery                                     Display art work around the building. Students can use qrvoice.net to give...
ResourcesI wish I could have kept up with the hundreds of articles and websites I have visited over the pasttwo years. Her...
Let’s Create!Let’s practice creating different QR codes. Follow the directions below. If youhave a Smart Phone with you, s...
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Qr presentation

  1. 1. “Read” All Over Black, White & Kelly Alsip Fischer LMS - Dixie Magnet Elementary What is a QR Code? QR Codes are easy to use! QR stands for ‘quick response’. It * Open the QR reader app. is a 2D code that can be read with a * Point the device at the QR Code webcam or using the camera on so it is visible on the screen. your mobile device. Although they *The camera is activated. began as a black pattern against a *The correct application to handle white background, QR codes can the data embedded in the code now be customized to meet every will open up. need. What is needed to read a QR What can be embedded in a QR code? code? Mobile device - Download a QR Almost any information can be code reader. There are many (free) embedded including: apps in the iTunes store. My * Website URL favorites are AT&T Code Scanner, * Email & contact information Bakodo and i-nigma. * Alpha-numeric text Computer - For our Macs, we use * Voice Quick Mark (iTunes $3.99). For * Video PC, download free software from * Music qrstuff.com.
  2. 2. Take your visitors on a “virtual tour” by placing QR codes in Where can QR codes high interest areas that are connected to multimedia be created? recordings. Although there are many to choose from, the following are the generators used by my students and I: ✦ http://qrcode.kaywa.com Simple to create QR codes for URL, text, phone numbers and SMS messages. ✦http://www.qrstuff.com/ Allows QR codes to be created in color. Easily allows you to link to a website URL, YouTube video, Google Maps, Twitter, Facebook,Classroom Applications SCANvenger Hunts iTunes Link, Skype, contact Scavenger hunts are a quick and easy info, calendar events and way to transform a typical lesson into more.Worksheets Blah! an engaging one. Visit http://Add QR codes to worksheets to classtools.net/QR/ . Type in (or ✦http://snap/vu/make practice engaging and exciting. paste) questions and answers. Print With a free log in, Snap.vuDotrythisathome.com has many the automated QR codes. Cut out will create codes and trackexamples and free downloads. and hang around the room. how often your codes are scanned. Notifications areCheck Your Work Wall of PresidentsStudents can check their own work sent by email. Students scan QR clues beneathby scanning a poster with QR codes silhouettes to guess the correct ✦http://qrvoice.net/containing the correct answers. president. The last clue contains the QR voice turns a typed text answer. message into QR code andQuick Links reproduces the message with aStudents can quickly scan a QR code Update & Enhance Textbooksto visit a website instead of typing a synthesized voice. Add QR codes to textbooks tolong URL. Laminate and place codes enhance learning. Link to a videoon a ring for future use. from Encyclomedia or BrainPop. Listen to a lecture from iTunes. Other generators toScan of the Day explore:Create a calendar with a QR code Persuasive Writingscan of the day. My students Record a persuasive writing piece ✦http://www.snapmaze.com/particularly like “This Day in using recordmp3.org and use theHistory” and Wonderopolis. ✦www.qrhacker.com unique URL to create a QR code. Students create a flyer, using ✦http://delivr.comWhere Do I Find That? Publisher or Paint, advertising theirI hear this in the library all day. persuasive writing piece and includeHang clue cards around that have the code.popular titles with Dewey numbers.
  3. 3. Art Gallery Display art work around the building. Students can use qrvoice.net to give aSchool process description or ask viewers to respond. Turn your Picturing America series into an interactive gallery by using QR codes to ask guiding questions.Applications Book CommercialsPromote your school Add QR codes to the inside cover of library books. The codes can link toPrint QR codes on school book trailers created by your students or directly from the author. Usestationary that opens the ViewPure.com when linking to videos from YouTube.school web page. Createbusiness cards that include Biography Boxesschool’s name, address and Students create cereal boxes to advertise their chosen biography. Afterphone number. Smart phones creating a Photostory, add a QR code to the box to play the video whilewill automatically import exploring the box.contact information Include Interactive DisplaysQR codes on all Liven up bulletin boards and displays by making them interactive. Hide QRcorrespondence that is sent codes among the display that link to Brainpop Videos, did you knowhome for additional statements, or answers to riddles.information. Collaboration with Special AreaVirtual Tour Bribe the PE teacher to create videos of movement activities. Students canHave QR codes placed in high scan for movement breaks or PE centers.interest areas around theschool. Visitors can take a Trading Cardstour by scanning the codes After a mythology unit, students develop their own mythological character andwhich are linked to write a myth. Record the myths by using iMovie (Mac) or Audacity (PC).multimedia recordings. Create a trading card that includes an illustration of the character with the QR code linked to the story.AdvertisementA code on an event flyer can Display Boardslead to a commercial, Students link videos or podcasts of science experiments through a QR codewebpage, or further added to a science board. After acting out a scene from the signing of theinformation. Declaration of Independence, students embed the video and add a QR code to a History Fair Project. Dropbox Students can scan the QR code linked to the teacher’s dropbox account to easily transfer multimedia projects.More Info? Show Me - iPadVisit my “new” blog at: Work out a math problem or teach a class using the Show Me app (free) on an iPad. “Easily explain a range of topics from math to chemistry to music theory to basket weaving.” After your lesson is uploaded, use the given URL to generate a QR code. Link to Activities - iPador email: Use Bingobaker.com to create a bingo game. Create a QR code to the gamekelly.fischer@fayette.kyschools.us URL. Each time the code is scanned, an interactive card is randomized. Students scan the code, get their own card and play Bingo. Great for practicing vocabulary, key topics, math facts, etc.
  4. 4. ResourcesI wish I could have kept up with the hundreds of articles and websites I have visited over the pasttwo years. Here are a few of the resources that helped me get started:The Daring Librarianhttp://www.thedaringlibrarian.com/search?q=qr+code 40 Interesting Ways to Use QR Codes in the classroomhttp://www.slideshare.net/jonesytheteacher/40-interesting-ways-to-use-qr-codes-in-the-classroom QR Codes in the Classroomhttp://www.freetech4teachers.com/2011/04/qr-codes-in-classroom.html 10 Ways to Use QR Codes in the Classroomhttp://www.classroominthecloud.net/2011/06/10-ways-to-use-qr-codes-in-classroom.html QR Codes in the Classroomhttp://www.seomraranga.com/2011/09/qr-codes-in-the-classroom/ Using QR Codes in the Classroom and Beyondhttp://www.slideshare.net/bethanyvsmith/using-qr-codes-in-the-classroom-and-beyond Notes
  5. 5. Let’s Create!Let’s practice creating different QR codes. Follow the directions below. If youhave a Smart Phone with you, scan as you go :-)✦Open http://qrcode.kaywa.com✦ Under “Content Type” click on URL.✦ In the Content box, type in the URL of your school or individual website.✦ Click on “Generate!”✦ Copy HTML code to embed or copy & paste into any document.✦ Open http://www.qrvoice.net✦ Type an introduction of yourself. Include your name,your occupation, and what you would do today if you won the lottery!✦ Click on the blue box with the QR image.✦ Copy and paste the QR code into any document.✦ Open YouTube and find a video you would be likely to show to your class.✦ Copy the URL.✦ Open www.viewpure.com and paste the YouTube link. Click on Create.✦ Copy this new URL and create a QR code based on the steps above.