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Maasai presentation.ppt

  1. 1. The MaasaiKelly Fetterolf
  2. 2. ● Southern Kenya & Northern Tanzania● Language: Maa● Around 1 million (hard to take census of)● 16 sections of people
  3. 3. ● Began in the north and migrated south● 17th and 18th century accumulated most ofpopulation as they migrated to present daylocations
  4. 4. Conflict Begins● Traditional land agreement: no one shouldbe denied access to natural resources such aswater and land● 1911- British evict over 60% of Maasai landsto make room for settlers● 1961 and 1963, Creation of Tanzania &Kenyan Independence○ Wildlife reserves and National Parks
  5. 5. Conflict begins
  6. 6. Loliondo District Conflict● 1992 Ortello Business Corporation● 1,500 sq km for OBC● Displace 30,000 Maasai and affect manymore
  7. 7. Current Conflict1:55-3:04
  8. 8. "Without land we cannot live"● Women left jobless while men go to find work in cities● Womens outcry halted movement but President Kikwete andministry of tourism stand firm○ 2009 drought, Kikwete blocked Maasai from vital watersource to protect OBC- killing more than half of Maasaicattle
  9. 9. City Life
  10. 10. City Life
  11. 11. How others view them● Backwards● Lazy, just dont want to conform● Unintelligent and useless to society● Often are refused service● Poor treatment by employers○ Often attacked at night○ Paid near $1 a day
  12. 12. How they view others● No desire to modernize more than they have to● Dirty, Dangerous, Hostile, Disease, Unkind,Exploitation● "Government is trying to strangle us economically,socially, and culturally every way that they can thatserves an interest to them, attempting to destroy anysense of identity we have left"
  13. 13. Modernize or not?● "The very culture the government andsociety rebukes as backward and attemptsto modernize through narrowing our landsand invading our culture is the sameculture they are exploiting to the outsideworld, both locally and internationally,now explain THAT to me"- Elder Olol
  14. 14. ● Luxury hotels and gift shops● Brochures and postcards● Actors and Actresses pose as Maasai● Same companies that refuse to hire theMaasai use them in their marketingcampaigns● " My boss will force me to put on my Maasaiclothing when he has guests from Europevisiting to take pictures with them"● Promotes the Maasai in an incorrect manner
  15. 15. Maasai Market Place, Nairobi, Kenya
  16. 16. Strong Cultural Identity● Defying odds of civilization● Traditional dress● Continuing traditional rituals andcustoms● Holding true to their belief systems