Social Media&Listening Terenure V1.2


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Presentation to Terenure Enterprise Centre May 09

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Social Media&Listening Terenure V1.2

  1. 1. Social Media& Business Applications Keith Feighery: Digital Media Strategist
  2. 2. Overview of social media • Use of social technologies to: • Communicate, engage, develop and be part of communities – Internally and externally for organisations • Create and share content and information across networks • Build and extend social networks through interaction • Listen and participate in discussions, threads and develop ideas and relationships • Learn from community (crowdsourcing)
  3. 3. Benefits to small business • Directly engage with existing and potential customers • Cut out media spend • Relative ease of set up and engagement • Freely available tools and utilities – As well as proprietary third party tools • Measurable statistics to gauge impact and success (or lack of) • Extensive fresh digital footprint is viewed positively by search engines • Social media allows small business to create a presence online that outweighs offline
  4. 4. Associated risks • Loss of control of the conversation – Two way communication – Openly negative transmissions • Brands criticised for using social channel as a marketing or PR conduit • Can be a difficult persona for businesses to adopt – Reveal a human voice of a corporate identity • What it is that voice? • Starting – and then not following through – Very common as social media is time consuming – Inevitable criticism
  5. 5. Social Media Landscape
  6. 6. Platform Types • Social Networks – Facebook, MySpace, Bebo (Main ones in US and Europe) • Blogging/Micro-Blogging – WordPress, Twitter, Laconica, Tumblr,, Yammer • Video, Audio & Photo sharing – YouTube, Vimeo, Seesmic, 12Seconds, Vidder – Flickr, MugShot, Photobucket –,, Pandora, Spotify – Podcasts&Videocasts • Aggregators/Status management – FriendFeed, SocialThing!, PeopleBrowser, • Bookmarks/Tagging/Rating – Delicious, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Technorati, Digg • Collaboration Networks – Wikis, Shared Workspaces, Forums, Commenting Networks (BackType, Disqus)
  7. 7. Blogging • Common Blogging Platforms – WordPress, Type Pad, Bloggers, Blogspot • Excellent way of engaging with readers – Inform followers what is of interest to you • Can use an informal style – Show human face of organisation – Demonstrate your expert knowledge • Participate in wider conversations – Leave comments, interact, generate interest, etc.. • Search Engines – Love regularly updated content • Big MNCs are encouraging employees to Blog and engage with social media – IBM, Dell, Intel and Cisco
  8. 8. Blogs
  9. 9. Micro-blogging: Twitter • Excellent B2B and B2C networking tool • Great potential for building relationships – Directly with customers – Good examples • Irish: Blacknight, Cubic Telecom, LookAndTaste (iFoods) • International: Zappos, Dell, Comcast • Easy to engage with customers – Building networks – lots of small business/entrepreneurs using it – Reach out to them and resolve issues and improve service to them – Opportunity to convey a personal dimension rather than marketing speak • Good listening tool – What is being said about you and most importantly are you hearing it? • Becoming mainstream but still only 10 million unique users – 1400% growth over past 12 months
  10. 10. Twitter
  11. 11. Social Networking Sites • Bebo – Age group 14 yrs – 20 yrs – Entertainment based – Can be very effective – but campaign must engage with users (Pat the Baker – model campaign) – Social capital rewards – User generated content – Incentives • MySpace – Age group 16 yrs – 24 Yrs – Like Bebo, media and entertainment based – Jan 09 - 124 M unique users – 2% decline in traffic (Comscoore) – 81 Million Users (3% Drop in users over 2008 – Nielsen) – More Music based (historically – but becoming Open platform/Aggregator) – Campaign success depends on level of engagement with users
  12. 12. Social Networks - Facebook • Functional social networking platform more so than Bebo and MySpace – Emphasis is on Communicating with Friends (as opposed to media consumption) – Businesses can create fan, product or group pages ( • Re-worked recently to facilitate easier distribution for business pages – Largest Social Networking site in world – In Now attracting twice as many users as MySpace (TechCrunch) – Less advertising friendly than Bebo and MySpace (Nielsen) • Others have media platforms for publishing content – aimed at larger brands – Main markets in North America and Europe (and AsiaPac)
  13. 13. Social Networks
  14. 14. Professional Networking • Write a full Bio and highlight key points that you want reflected • Fill out full details – – Employment History – Key achievements – Etc.. • Link to other networks – – Blogs – Websites – Presentations – (Slideshare. • Update your status regularly (so you stay on the radar) • Include your linkedIn (Plaxo, Ziggs, Xing) profile in email • Contact people you meet at networking events etc…
  15. 15. Professional Networking
  16. 16. Video Sites • Useful marketing and profile platform – Create video content and distribute using TubeMogul – User-generated content • Run competitions for customers to build content (see Pat The Baker example) • Link to promotional videos • Video blogs (WP Plug-ins, Seesmic, 12 seconds) • Mobile Video (QIK) – See Pat Phelan from Cubic Telecom • Extending digital footprint and brand-building purposes – Create content &tag videos with keywords and distribute to your network – Post all content and video blogs on your own website and distribute on free video sharing sites
  17. 17. Video Sites
  18. 18. Photosharing Sites
  19. 19. Photos • Blurring of social and business – Gen Y and Millennials tend not to see such a division • Use Twitpic or Pikchur to share on Twitter • Make use of Mobile photos • Excellent for sharing content with network – Events – Information – Social • Tag all content with relevant keywords – Build digital footprint – Generally, share content
  20. 20. Social Bookmarking & RSS • Add Bookmark Buttons to websites – Sociable, AddThis, Share are widely used • Ensure that all your articles/content can be accessed via RSS – CMS Systems such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress etc.. Configured for this – Provide RSS buttons for Feedburner, GoogleReader, MyYahoo etc… (Plug-ins) • Add rating and individual bookmark buttons – Digg, Technorati, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious • Share content to your community thru: – FriendFeed, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Digg as well
  21. 21. Bookmarking, Sharing & RSS
  22. 22. Documentation • Publish& Share all legally or business insensitive material – Documents – Promotional Material – Training Material – Presentations • Following Applications are well subscribed to: – (presentations – this one for example) – Scribd, (documents) • These sites are well indexed by Google • Tag all material with using relevant taxonomy
  23. 23. Documentation
  24. 24. Aggregators & Profiles • Brings together sprawling digital profile – SocNetworks, Professional, blogging, images, video etc. – Enables followers to subscribe to your feed (very popular) – FriendFeed, Facebook (since March 09), PeopleBrowser • Fill in and update all profiles fully – Google, Yahoo, Facebook – Especially Google – it indexes automatically once complete – Helps with search engine ranking • If Feed is public, then search engines will index – Again, good for visibility • Update status from one location – – Keeps you in front of followers without updating each network • The more ways people can see and view info about you – THE BETTER (as long as that’s what you want)
  25. 25. Aggregators, Status & Profiles
  26. 26. Recent Irish case studies of brands engaging with social media
  27. 27. Bord Gais • The Big Switch Campaign ( – Contacted over 100 influencers before launch of BigSwitch campaign – Elicit feedback on Consumer issues and how to engage with online community – Well received by blogging community – lots of open & public praise – Allegedly Bord Gais PR company advised against (protecting interests?) – In Hindsight, Bord Gais very pleased with approach taken – the way forward?
  28. 28. The Big Switch
  29. 29. Pat The Baker & Bebo • Unlikely brand to become a template on how to run a social media campaign • Engaged with their audience (very well) – Blogs, updates, conversational, responded to comments and questions as they happened – User Interaction – • Allowed and encouraged user feedback – solicited their opinions using Polls & questionnaires – User generated competitions • Design related (skins, characters), video and merchandise (T-shirts, bags) – Social capital as well as economic rewards
  30. 30. Pat The Baker
  31. 31. Listening to what is being said about you online
  32. 32. Set up Alerts and Listen • Using third party tools brands can listen online to what is being said about them – Typical Channels covered include: • Online Forums • Blogs – Post and Comments • Twitter • Social Networks • Video Sites • Photosharing sites • Wikis – Operate on an Alert system • Close to real-time notification systems • Single View of brand and can manage conversations within the Third party tool • Brands can avail of Free tools and utilities • Do not get single view of brand mentions
  33. 33. Listening Tools • Using the following tools brands can listen online to what is being said about them – Commercial aggregated listening tools • BuzzMetrics, TNS Cymphony, Biz360, DJ insight, Visible, Radian6, TrackUr, BuzzLogic – Twitter • Twittersearch, Tweetbeep, TweetDeck – Blogs • BackType, Technorati, Techmeme, Disquss, GoogleBlogSearch,, iceRocket – Alerts • Google Alters – Customise Searches into RSS feeds and subscribe in RSS readers • Using these, brands can listen to what is being said about them and manage reputation
  34. 34. Brands caught out by not listening and reacting FAST
  35. 35. Domino’s • Domino’s Pizza Video – Two employees posted video of them “interfering” with food production – Posted on a Friday night – Circulated around Twitter, YouTube and social web over weekend – No response from company until following Tuesday – Video received millions of views and large volumes of commentary – Eventually company release PR statement – not very satisfactory – On Wednesday President responds with Video – generally, well received – Classic case-study in failure to respond immediately
  36. 36. Domino’s
  37. 37. Marks and Spencers • Busts 4 Justice set up by Beckie Williams a year ago – Marks were charging a surcharge of £2 for Double DD bras – She emailed M&S Bosses but dismissed out of hand – Set up Facebook page – now has approx 16500 fans – Lots of media attention (both on and offline) – Last Friday M&S publicly acknowledged they made a “boob” of it – Offering 25% off all bras until 25th May – This shows that brands are (and need to more) listening to what is being said on social networks
  38. 38. Marks and Spencers
  39. 39. Amazon • AmazonFail – Amazon remove thousands of gay and lesbian literature from ratings system on a Friday evening – Outrage amongst online community over weekend – No response from Amazon until following Tuesday – #Amazonfail hashtag in top 5 trending topics in Twitter – A lot of commentary about mismanagement of issue from Twitter and Blogosphere – Eventually Amazon release a boilerplate PR release – calls incident a “technical glitch” – Brand tarnished by incident – search Amazon on twitter to see comments – #Amazonfail now part of digital lexicon
  40. 40. Amazonfail
  41. 41. The RyanAir approach
  42. 42. Ryan Air & “Idiot Bloggers” • No time for bloggers – Blogger notices technical glitch on RyanAir site and blogs about it – RyanAir employees respond in heavy-handed fashion – Affair generates publicity both online and offline – RTE news, Irish Daily newspapers, Blogs – RyanAir release a harsh press release – calls bloggers “idiots” – Incident picked up internationally (NY Times, Guardian. Skynews etc…) – How not to manage online relations (but do RyanAir care?) • Apparently bookings were up over incident
  43. 43. Ryan Air & “Idiot Bloggers”
  44. 44. International case studies of brands engaging with social media
  45. 45. Ford – FiestaMovement • Ford Introducing Fiesta to US market • Ran a competition to receive Fiesta trial for 6 months (all expenses covered) • 100 “Agents” chosen – (cool and diverse young mix) • Created • Each agent will “lifestream” the experience – Blogs, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, Facebook etc.. • Unbiased commentary on experience • Generated a lot of press and commentary • Cars received end of April – interesting case study • Scott Monty – head of DigiComms well respected in Industry
  46. 46. Ford - FiestaMovement
  47. 47. Skittles
  48. 48. Dell
  49. 49. Zappos
  50. 50. Whole Foods
  51. 51. Walmart
  52. 52. Starbucks
  53. 53. About Digital Insights
  54. 54. Information Contact Details: Email: Web: BIO: Over 11 years experience designing and implementing digital and online solutions. Providing consultancy and production services for businesses to develop web strategy and online presence using best in breed digital and social technologies. Clients Include: Allfinanz, Eontec, Siebel Systems, Bank of Ireland, EBS, Yorkshire Building Society, DIT Aungier St, FOMACs, Fitzwilliam Institute, Digital Media Centre (DIT). Qualifications: Hold a 1st Class MA in Digital Media Technologies