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V&P 1 Hex


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How to make a coordinate graph

Published in: Education, Technology
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V&P 1 Hex

  1. 1. A genda Monday, Sept. 14, 2009 1. Complete a self assessment of your glyph with the rubric in pencil. G ive yourself a check for each category in pencil. Turn in glyph. 2. Variables & Patterns problem 1.2 How to make a coordinate graph 3. Homework 2 V&P p. 15 # 1 - 3 you will need graph paper
  2. 2. What does a coordinate graph look like? What is the purpose of a coordinate graph? How do you locate points on a coordinate graph?
  3. 3. Please copy in your journal section. Star the top of the page so you can find it easily. How to make a coordinate graph: Step 1: Identify two variables. Example: Step 2: Select an axis to represent each variable. First decide if one variable depends on another. • put independent variable x axis (horizontal) • put dependent variable y axis (vertical) Example: Step 3: Select a scale for each axis. Look at the range of data and decide on an appropriate scale. Example: Step 4: Plot the data points. E ach data point is called a coordinate pair (x, y) x = horizontal y = vertical Step 5: Title your graph. label the intervals. time in seconds number of jumping jacks
  4. 5. Complete Problem 1.2 on p. 9 with your partner. Label a piece of graph paper for a new journal page: V&P 1.2 9/14 Use your jumping jack data. Answer questions B & C on p. 9 under your graph.
  5. 6. Homework: 2 V&P p. 15 # 1 - 3 - you will need a piece of graph paper
  6. 7. Attachments