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Technology for Learning Parent night


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Technology for Learning Parent night

  1. 1. Technology for Learning Kathy Favazza
  2. 2. Social Media• Twitter - Joey Estes• Facebook • A Parent’s Guide to Facebook
  3. 3. Math for Your Child• Nancy Coughlin’s wiki • elementary mathematics• Stephanie Jacobson’s wiki • 6th grade mathematics• Calculation Nation • Created by NCTM for students• Johnnie’s Math Page • HUGE collection of math games
  4. 4. Math for You & Your Child • Figure This • Created by NCTM for families • mathsmaster • math video tutorials • Brightstorm • math video tutorials - middle & high • khanacademy • all levels
  5. 5. Literacy• Reading is Fundamental • great games• readwritethink • student interactives • parent resources
  6. 6. All subjects• Tuccola • lots of preschool and early elementary games • some to play together• ABCYa • Terrific FREE games • by subject and grade
  7. 7. Tech Savvy Parents• TeachParentsTech • basic computer and web browsing tips• Computer Viruses• Choosing a Strong Password• Google Family Safety Center
  8. 8. Resources• Cybraryman• whyzz - helps parents answer the age old question “why?”• smartbean - an online magazine for parents about online resources and general parenting information• Discovery Education - free parent resources
  9. 9. iPad• ipads in the classroom - Kathy Schrock• Moms with apps blog• Smart Apps for Kids• top 10 toddler apps
  10. 10. iPad• Assistive Technology• math• books• games for learning