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Stretching & Shrinking 2.2 rr


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Stretching & Shrinking 2.2 rr

  1. 1. Agenda Tues. Dec. 8 homework 14 S&S p. 24 & 25 Finish Problem 2.2 Share Mug and the other Wump you drew in the group of 4 I assign. Answer part C of Problem 2.1. C. 1. Compare the characters to Mug. Which are the imposters? (not similar to Mug) 2. What things are the same about Mug and the others? Be specific. 3. What things are different about the five characters? Be specific. Hats off to the Wumps!
  2. 5. How does multiplying the coordinates by a decimal or a fraction OR adding or subtracting from each coordinate affect a shape?
  3. 7. Attachments