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Edu614 session 8 ws


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Edu614 session 8 ws

  1. 1. EDU614 Session 8Assistive and Augmentative Technology
  2. 2. Agenda• Rachel & Jessica• Final Project - individual meetings• Assistive & Augmentative resources• UDL• Assistive Technology• iPad • we will pass it around while we investigate many sites
  3. 3. iPad apps a blog post how iPad is used in a special education classroom• A Blog Post listing many apps• Apps Store has Special Education section I do not have the expensive ones, but take a look to see the potential and our friend Cybrary man’s list A handout for using iPad in the Special Education Classroom
  4. 4. More on the iPad• Live Binders on iPad in Schools - a tremendous amount of material• Mr. G Blog IPads, Web tools, math education a CNN report• App Smackdown
  5. 5. The The DESE Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has awesome links to information, resources and grants.• Includes: • CAST - Center for Applied Special Technology Easter Seals - allows teachers to try out technology • Many, many more• Please take about 30 minutes to investigate all the resources • Be sure to bookmark Diigo any site you want to
  6. 6. Mass Match• MassMatch - initiative to get assistive technology to people who need it FREE to borrow from ATRC Assistive Technology Regional Centers.
  7. 7. National Center to ImprovePractice in Special Education• NCIP - through technology, media and materials take a look
  8. 8. Accessibility in the Classroom • Accessibility features in Microsoft products • Includes tutorials
  9. 9. UDL Toolkit• UDL toolkit wiki o Please spend some time looking at the resources: o graphic organizers o literacy o study skills o math o writing o many more...
  10. 10. National Center on UDL• Examples & Resources o Please spend some time looking at the resources  Every principle is linked to resources & tools