Edu614 session 8 spring 13


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Edu614 session 8 spring 13

  1. 1. EDU614 Session 8Last set of tools for the classroom- some are really fun!
  2. 2. AgendaCourse EvaluationsPost course TSAT surveysMore tools for the classroomPodcastingPhotoPeachword clouds, doodle, voki, extranormalglogsterreal examples
  3. 3. PodcastingLegal GuidePodcasting BookletPodOmaticmake free podcastsCheck out iTunes U for podcastsRemember that you have to find three for usein your classroom - see session 8
  4. 4. Podcasting How ToPodcasting 101What is podcastingHow to subscribePodcasting 102Recording your own showPodcasting 103Recording a Skype conversation
  5. 5. First a ning used with 7th graderstudentsFROM THE ELA TEACHER:It is most commonly used for sharing my flipped classroomvideos as well as a platform for students to blog and getfeedback on their writing. Right now many kids are postingon the peers Defining Moment Personal Narrative blogs andin the next few weeks wed like to add a multimedia pieceand start working on digital portfolios. We, as a teachers, have also tried to use the site to modeleffective feedback and the important role that collaborationplays in the writing process. The kids very much enjoy thattheir writing can be made public and its built a nicecommunity within the room too.
  6. 6. A few blogs by 8thgrade studentsAdaHarryAlexTimJessica
  7. 7. ProjectPresentationsPlease save your powerpoint to slideshare, thenpost to your blog on the ning.15 - 20 minute presentationDetailed written plan on classroom use
  8. 8. Tell a story withpicturesPhotopeachUpload picturesMake a slide showStudents can upload projectsEasy way to share work
  9. 9. QR codesWhat are those squares of black & white?How would I use them?Go to this glog to learnHover over text to see linkThe Periodic Table using QR codesA Live Binder on QR codesAll the tabs are links20 Interesting Ways to Use QR Codes to Support Learning
  10. 10. SymbalooAnother visual toollinks to other sitesSymbalooa blog post: the fun continuesAn elementary math exampleMiddle & High School math
  11. 11. More Teacher ResourcesWed 2.0 for the Classroom TeacherInternet ResourcesBlog-Podcast-Screencast ResourcesCollaboration - wiki sitesOnline Productivity/Organization ToolsGoodEducator Blogs to ReadThe Educators PLNa ning for educatorslots of groups
  12. 12. GlogsterMy students favorite!Interactive postercan link documents or webpagescan be embedded into wiki or blogExamplesUDL toolkitMine
  13. 13. VimeoEasy to use video sharing websiteVodcastingGreat for flipped classroom
  14. 14. The FlippedClassroomlectures/ instruction on video“work” in class with supportFlipped Classroom networkA three part article by “inventors”
  15. 15. MoodleModular Object Oriented Dynamic LearningEnvironmentOpen sourceFreecan be downloaded on one computerhosted on a server
  16. 16. Moodle continuedOne stop shopforums, blogs, wikis, lessons, activities, links,easy messaging...My Classes
  17. 17. DoodleDoodlesurvey toolscheduler
  18. 18. Word CloudsAnalyze writing piecesFun displayWordlesimple
  19. 19. More Word CloudsTagxedoa little fancierA blog post about 9 more word cloudgeneratorsTry a few!
  20. 20. Animation fromwordsvokitext to audiovoki for education
  21. 21. Animation fromwordsxtranormaltext to videoeducation safeThe Golden RatioNot free, but a 14 day free trialBoth can be embeddedBoth are addicting - try one.
  22. 22. What I am strivingfor...Paul Anderson’s classroom