Edu614 session 5 spring 14 smart & presentation tools


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Edu614 session 5 spring 14 smart & presentation tools

  1. 1. INTEGRATING TECHNOLOGY Session 5 Smart Technologies Presentation Tools
  2. 2. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart
  3. 3. AGENDA Questions on Edmodo, Skype? Project questions sign up for either June 12 or Jun 19 Presentation Tools Keynote/Powerpoint Slideshare Google Docs - presentation Prezi Smart technologies
  4. 4. ALL THINGS SMART work through some tutorials investigate some resources try out the smartboard
  5. 5. WHY IS SMARTNOTEBOOK GREAT FOR TEACHERS? Organizes lessons Easily tweaked year to year Easy to share Engaging Use as center
  6. 6. GETTING STARTED The Welcome Center Toolbar Creating and Using Object The Gallery templates pictures
  7. 7. LET’S TRY IT OUT! Link to MANY tutorials Open Notebook and try a lesson on the computer Online Free tutorials & other resources Work through some of the tutorials. Try a few templates.
  8. 8. EXPORTING export as pdf powerpoint Slideshare to embed Share on school website
  9. 9. RESOURCES Smart Exchange - great lessons are shared Teachers Love Smartboards Smarttech free tutorials fine tune your results for free tutorials Scholastic IWB lessons Cybrary Man - HUGE list of links Free Templates for all grade levels and subject areas
  10. 10. MORE Scholastic-great examples including copyright friendly Let’s get Smart - a great blog about using Smart Wes Fryer’s Blog post including great game template file to download Curry College - video tutorials
  11. 11. POWERPOINT OR KEYNOTE Present information Very easy to use Presentation Advice - please be sure to read this blog post Keynote - tutorials Powerpoint Activities Parade of Games in Powerpoint Powerpoint Templates for Teachers
  12. 12. SLIDESHARE share your powerpoint or keynote online easily embed presentation into blog or website An example - 7th Pre-Algebra Go to Create an account upload your powerpoint or keynote presentation public unless you upgrade
  13. 13. MORE SLIDESHARE when you have uploaded to slideshare get embed code create a new blog post on ning and paste embed code I’ll help!
  14. 14. GOOGLE PRESENTATION Create on Google or upload a powerpoint (no keynote) limited bells and whistles need internet connection can publish and have viewers join in Great for collaboration Upload your presentation
  15. 15. PREZI Dynamic presentation Ability to share online Slick Go to Prezi try it out Death to Powerpoint, long live Prezi - Travis Allen iSchool initiative The Ultimate Guide to Prezi
  16. 16. PRACTICE Create a powerpoint or keynote presentation - on any topic, just for fun. Save and upload to slideshare & post on ning Save and upload to Google docs Try a little Prezi