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Edu614 session 2 winter 14


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Edu614 session 2 winter 14

  1. 1. Integrating Technology for All Session Two Share, Store, Collaborate
  2. 2. Agenda Questions? Twitter Diigo Feedly All things Google Online Teacher Resources Wikis Skype Edmodo Use Google Chrome for your browser tonight Use Diigo to bookmark sites we visit
  3. 3. Twitter Best professional development for me 10 steps for Educators new to twitter The following was prepared by Joey Estes for a parent technology night.
  4. 4. Twitter is a Cool Tool ! •By joining Twitter, you can connect with people all over the world about things that interest you. ! •Imagine having literally thousands of people to bounce ideas off of, share best practices, and to give you recommendations for your next good read. ! •All information is shared via 140 characters or less.
  5. 5. Time to Join! ! •Once you have decided that Twitter is something you would like to explore, go to the website and sign up for an account. It’s free!
  6. 6. Following • Once you have joined, you will need to find people to follow. • This means that you find people who have the same interests as you, or people you find interesting. • Maybe you want to know what Time magazine has to say. • Or maybe your kids are interested in Justin Bieber.
  7. 7. Now it’s time to interact. •Anytime you see the @ sign in front of a name, it is like someone is talking to or about that person directly.
  8. 8. Links •You will often see a link that is a small jumble of letters and numbers. This is a smaller link taking the place of a super long link. ! ! ! ! ! •The real link looks like this: slPage=showBlogPost&slGroupKey=0cf59848-a680-4169-abad- ba4fa2c99f46&slBlogKey=Blog:c55b1ea4-61d4-4827-90ab-574b44d3b002@ D|9;36|CommGroup0cf59848-a680-4169-abad-ba4fa2c99f46| &slBlogPostKey=Blog:c55b1ea4-61d4-4827-90ab-574b44d3b002@D|9;36| CommGroup0cf59848-a680-4169-abad-ba4fa2c99f46|Post:f7a50b5e- a2a9-4b6d-b9df-bd8345fab89b&plckFindCommentKey=
  9. 9. Hashtags Using a # is an easy way to follow a conversation on a particular subject. #edchat #edtech ! Every day there are new and different #’s the pop up. #Idollivedavid #MothersDay #Parenting
  10. 10. Twitter •Why Teachers Should Be Using Twitter. ! •Twitter Chat Tools ! •Getting Started with Twitter in Schools
  11. 11. Diigo Online bookmarking Accept invitation to EDU614 group tags Use to bookmark any site we visit so you can come back to it when the course is over.
  12. 12. Feedly RSS (really simple syndication) reader bring updates of blogs to your Feedly a visual display organize into folders can use on iPad take a look
  13. 13. Subscribing to a blog Have Feedly open in another tab or window have the blog open copy the url of the blog on Feedly click + Add Content paste the url organize into folders to make your life easier
  14. 14. Some blogs to start with: The best of the best- Educators share the best blog posts  Educational Blogs by Discipline RSS Feed - Blogs to follow
  15. 15. Google apps • Documents (Drive) • documents (like word) • presentation (like powerpoint) • forms  •70Google Forms • spreadsheet (like excel) • Calendar 
  16. 16.  Google Sites Easy to use website How to
  17. 17.  Google Apps Google Apps Lesson Plan Selector Google Apps for Education Demonstration Video 32 Ways to Use Google Apps Five Essential Google Drive Skills For Teachers
  18. 18.  Google Apps Tips for a Successful Google Apps Training Session 32 Ways to Use Google Apps
  19. 19. Wikis ! The most famous ~ Wikipedia Wikis in Plain English Great for collaborative learning Wiki Resources 50 Ways to use wikis for a more collaborative and interactive classroom
  20. 20. Wikis! Best embeds for a wiki Several free wiki sites to choose from: pbworks wikispaces wikia
  21. 21. Edmodo Edmodo a little like ning a little like Facebook calendar gradebook library upload documents create links Edmodo Blog
  22. 22. Skype Who uses it? Skype in The Classroom a community for educators Check Out teachers resources project Assessment of Learning with Skype Framing a Skype Learning Experience