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Epicurious 10x10 presentation


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Epicurious 10x10 presentation

  1. 1. + By: Andy To, Sadie Lai, Rubin Bautista Alexandra Apfelzweigand Kymberly Falgout
  2. 2. + Purpose Audience  The purpose of the website  The intended audience of the is to help website includes anyone who is people find recipes interested in food and/or cooking  Anyone can create an account with epicurious and upload  The site also holds appeal for their recipes to share food bloggers  The site also has a store and online community so foodies can connect
  3. 3. +Hierarchy of Informationand Essential NavigationThe epicurious website files informationusing the hierarchy: Recipes Articles Community Video ShopWe felt that in today’s society, thecommunity aspect of the site should beemphasized more than the articles andwe changed the navigation on our site toreflect thatThe homepage also had lots ofadvertisements on it – we went for acleaner, simpler look!
  4. 4. +How our Design wasEffected by the PresentLayout We felt that epicurioushad its site laid out in a traditional manor and we made changes to the layout to reflect today’s society For example: we raised “Community” on the hierarchy as society is more focused on social media
  5. 5. Here is our redesign of the epicurious site home page+ Home Page
  6. 6. + Recipes Page This is the most important page in the hierarchy of information in both our redesign and the original site…
  7. 7. Community Page! +
  8. 8. Articles Page +
  9. 9. We added a page for current trends in cooking… + Trends!
  10. 10. + Shoppe… is lots of fun!