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One point perspective (digital version)(1) (1)

One Point Perspective

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One point perspective (digital version)(1) (1)

  1. 1. What is One Point Perspective? A form of linear perspective in which all lines appear to meet at a single vanishing point on the horizon.
  2. 2. One Point Perspective Needs… • Horizon Line—imaginary place where the earth and sky seem to meet. • Vanishing Point—the spot in a picture at which all the lines meet.
  3. 3. Vocabulary to Know • Geometric Shapes- Mathematical or precise shapes (square, triangle, rectangle, octagon…) • Parallel Lines- lines that are the same distance apart and will never meet or intersect. • Space- the area around, above, between, below, or inside an object (overlapping will be used to show space in this project). • Emphasis- the sense of importance given to any one part of the composition (you may want to emphasis particular shapes so they stand out).
  5. 5. Repeat these steps with a triangle, rectangle, and circle
  6. 6. 7 Above 7 Below 1 on the Horizon 3 overlaps