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Hair secret

  1. 1. ==== ====hair loss facts for men and women, check the ====If you are going bald or notice that your hair is starting to thin, there are a number of excellent hairloss prevention measures you can take to stop the thinning and hair loss. Most of us have heardthat too much hat-wearing or poor circulation to the scalp can cause hair loss. Ladies, over-treated hair is the leading cause of hair loss in women.Other Causes - Anemia, anorexia, bulimia, excess vitamin A, fungal infections, and zinc or fattyacid deficiency can also be the cause of hair loss in women. Medication - Some anti-depressants,blood thinners and medications for the treatment of gout can cause hair loss, as can excessVitamin A. Medication - Several medications can cause or contribute to female hair loss, includinganti-depressants, blood thinners, birth control pills, anti-cholesterol drugs and chemotherapydrugs.Hormones - The human body contains an assortment of hormones, both male and female, thatcan become imbalanced and cause hair loss. Most normal hair loss commonly referred to as"Male Pattern Baldness" is caused by your genetic make-up that you inherited from both of yourparents and as the natural process of aging causing your body hormones to decrease or stop thegrowth cycle of hair follicles. He Shou Wu is embraced by the Chinese, this herbal remedy hasbeen known to reduce the effects of hair loss, as its been said to delay the process.A natural hair loss remedy provides a non evasive treatment method, without the use ofmedications and other methods that may result in side effects. These hair loss laser treatmentdevises are hand held and prescribed for use many times in a month to attain positive benefits ofpreventing hair loss and infusing hair growth. Unfortunately, a typical stressed hair loss suffererwill probably proceed to spending half their lives desperately searching for a miracle cure andspending half their salaries each month paying for it.Many women past 50 find that when they raise their levels of DHEA back up to the range for anormal 30- or 40-year-old woman, it not only slows or stops hair loss, but it can actually help re-grow new hair. The causes of hair loss can range from medical conditions to damage caused byextreme hairstyles or harsh hair care. Although the causes of womens hair loss vary from personto person, by understanding the common causes of female hair loss, this can help you find theright potential treatment or solution.Hereditary thinning, or androgenetic alopecia to give its medical name, is the most common causeof womens hair loss. Natural Hair Loss is NOT caused by combing or shampooing, though roughtreatment of the hair may contribute to some hair loss, though they certainly are not the root causefor most human hair loss. Finasteride, Minoxidil, and Rogaine are the more popular hair loss drugproducts available today to stop or prevent hair loss.
  2. 2. With these possible side effects linked to hair loss drug products, more and more hair losssufferers are turning to natural hair loss remedies to prevent or stop hair loss. There are manynew hair treatments and products available, which help in hair growth and prevent hair loss.Herbal hair loss treatments have been proven effective for decades and in some cases evencenturies.We suggest you use only proven and well known hair loss treatments to stop hair loss and regrowhair. If you suffer from hair loss or thinning hair or just want to keep your hair healthy and strong, itis recommended to use herbal hair loss treatments. Since we also know that hair loss is closelyrelated to testosterone activity, it is very often recommended that any Hair Loss Treatment Planinclude a DHT blocker and Saw Palmetto as an herbal supplement.It appears that even genetic hair loss is in some way influenced by the hormone testosterone.Male-pattern-baldness, the type we associate with familial ties, is typically blamed on the paternallineage, but there is an increasing body of scientific evidence supporting the idea that this type ofhereditary hair loss may in fact be a product of the maternal lineage. Alopecia areata is a kind ofskin disease, which could lead to bald patches on the head and could progress to hair loss in thewhole body.There are lots of hair loss products available on the internet which can be purchased, butconsulting a dermatologist would help a lot. When a man goes to the local pharmacy to pick uphis products for the treatment of hair loss he is bringing his problem out into the public. Lastly,male hormones called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is known to be the most common reason formale pattern hair loss.There are three types of hair loss; thyroid hair loss, autoimmune alopecia, and male pattern hairloss. A popular and very viable treatment option for hair loss, especially in men with male patternbaldness, is surgical hair replacement. The most common treatment option for hair loss in womenis the use of an over-the-counter drug, Minoxilil, commonly known as Rogain.The most common hair loss treatment for both men and women is the use of Minoxilil, betterknown as Rogaine. Stress is a fairly common cause of hair loss in women. Iron Deficiency:Another common, but generally unrecognized, cause of hair loss is an iron deficiency, especially inpre-menopausal women.A deficiency of biotin may cause hair to become frail and unhealthy, and hair breakage, which mayresult in hair loss. People suffering from heartburn, acid reflux, or GERD and who are takingantacids may absorb biotin less and hair loss may occur as a result. Since most forms of femalehair loss are temporary, over the counter treatments may be used to prevent too much hair frombeing lost during these periods.These are some of the well-known hair loss treatments that are famous and widely used. Onewidely held belief is that the over use of chemicals on the hair can cause hair thinning andeventually hair loss. Genetic hair loss is possibly the most devastating form of hair loss because itis permanent and can cause total balding.
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