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Cichlid Fish


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Cichlid Fish Aquarium – Information on setting cichlid fish aquarium for cichlids fish and keep them healthy, disease free, happy and beautiful.

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Cichlid Fish

  1. 1. Cichlid fish aquariumCichlid Fish Aquarium – Information on setting cichlid fish aquarium for cichlids fish and keep themhealthy, disease free, happy and beautiful. Useful article on cichlid fishCichlid Species Aquarium Set up for CichlidsCichlids are species of fish from family of Cichlidae, there are several species of Basic Guide of Cichlid Carecichlid fish by size, shape, environment in which they live and thrive, color, eatinghabits and even temperament. Some examples of cichlid fish species such as Reducing Cichlid AggressionJack Dempsey, Oscar, Angel Fish, and others. Freshwater Aquarium Algae – Causes andRead more » Solutions Recommend this on Google Cichlid SpeciesCategory Cichlid Fish Secrets Aquarium Substrate for Cichlids Choosing Freshwater Invertebrates For Your Aquarium That Will Not Cause DeathAquarium Substrate for Cichlids How To Recognize And Counteract Ailments And Disease In AquariumAquarium SubstrateAquarium substrate is a material used for the bottom of the aquarium. Aquarium Why Freshwater Aquarium Substrate Issubstrate is important for the setup of the aquarium, because it can affect Importantfiltration, water chemistry and the welfare of fish in the aquarium.Read more » Cichlid fish – More complete guide Recommend this on GoogleCategory Aquarium CareAquarium Set up for CichlidsAquarium Set up for CichlidsTaking care cichlid fish is fairly easy, but it requires certain conditions, that youmust to follow for ensure the cichlid fish healthy. One thing must you do to careyour cichlid fish is to consider the tank or aquarium set up for cichlids.Read more » Recommend this on GoogleCategory Aquarium Care, Cichlid Fish SecretsHow To Recognize And CounteractAilments And Disease In AquariumMost diseases in the aquarium are due to poor environmental conditions and can converted by
  2. 2. be successfully treated. Here we identify some major ailments and proposedtreatments for anchor worm, constipation, fin rot and dropsy.Read more » Recommend this on GoogleCategory Aquarium CareBasic Guide of Cichlid CareThe African cichlids are tropical fishes. There are different kinds of cichlidspecies available like flower horn, electric blue, green terror, electric yellow,convict, dwarf and lots more.Read more » Recommend this on GoogleCategory Cichlid Fish SecretsChoosing Freshwater InvertebratesFor Your Aquarium That Will NotCause DeathShrimps are a popular choice amongst the invertebrates when it comes toadding them to your freshwater aquarium. But you have to be careful asdepending on their size and/or nature they may either be eaten by the fish in thetank or they themselves may become the predator and eat your fish!Read more » Recommend this on GoogleCategory Aquarium CareReducing Cichlid AggressionMany cichlid species are known for their extreme aggression. The strongest malewill become dominant and will constantly chase and fight his competition.Additionally, he will relentlessly chase the females in an attempt to mate. Thisaggression, however, is one of the more attractive aspects of cichlid keeping asit really brings out the cichlids’ personalities.Read more » Recommend this on GoogleCategory Cichlid Fish Secrets Home Older PostsSubscribe to: Posts (Atom) Picture Window template. Template images by sbayram. Powered by Blogger. converted by