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Wp safe lock review


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WP Safe Lock review

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Wp safe lock review

  1. 1. HOME ABOUT KEYURAMIN COACHING PROGRAM CONTACTLIST BUILDING SEO PRODUCT REVIEWS FACEBOOK OFFLINE MARKETING WORDPRESSWP Safe Lock Review SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG December 11, 2012 Product Reviews, WordPress No comments Get the latest posts delivered to you for free by email If youre new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Enter Your Email OK 25% OFF – USE KEYURAMINS AS COUPON CODE WP Safe Lock Review of: WP Safe Lock WordPress Plugin Amit Pareek Review by: Price: 8.97Hey Guys, Reviewed by: Keyur AminThis is a review of a WordPress plugin called Rating:WP Safe Lock On December 11, 2012 Last modified:December 11, 2012As the name suggests the plugin is specificallyfor WordPress sites and something to deal with Summary:the site lock or safe guarding your WordPresssites. More Details SearchThere are numerous plugins that serve thesame purpose but there are several differences between them and WP safe lock. RECENT 20 POSTS1. It blocks the hacker to get access to your WP site WP Safe Lock Review2. It alerts you that someone is trying to hack into your WordPress site3. Installable plugin within seconds – no hassle of messy configurations Video Sitemap For A WordPress Site4. It is a firewall security WP plugin Digi Traffic Generator Bonus5. No monthly fees Internet Marketing in NairobiMore technical details… Google Top 10 Ranking – Trying To Get This Post in Google Top 10 Ranking6. There is an attack called Directory Traversal in which an application program tries to access FaceBook JV Invite Groupthe WordPress files, WP safe lock prevents this kind of exploitation to our WordPress filedirectory. 5 Strategies For Getting Traffic To Your Website7. SQL injection is another kind of an attack prevented by WP safe lock Digi Traffic Generator – Review Of Digi Traffic8. There is another kind of SQL attack done through SQL commands to the database that steals Generatorthe valuable contents from your WP sites. WP safe lock prevents this too 15 PDF Sharing Sites9. Some hackers try to upload a viral and infected .exe or .zip file through a WP theme – thisaction is prevented by WP safe lock. Simple Traffic Solutions Bonus10. Field truncation – By using some kind of null characters and using whitespace, some hackers Simple Traffic Solutions Bonus Reviewcan duplicate your WordPress sites. WP safe lock checks each character sent by an outsideapplication thereby your database will remain secured. Google Page 1 Ranking – Service Review11. Remote file execution – This is a kind of attack found in websites which allows a hacker to Page 1 Guaranteed Serviceinclude a small file like a script to the web server to dump your site. WP safe lock prevents theinclusion of any such script. The Best WordPress Plugins Of All Time – Part IVThere are lot more possible ways to attack a WordPress sites and several other strong way where The Best WordPress Plugins Of All Time – Part IIIby WP safe lock plugin can help to prevent and safe-guard it from hackers. The Best WordPress Plugins Of All Time – Part IIThe interface of the WP safe lock plugin allows you to apply security filters as you desire as The Best WordPress Plugins Of All Time – Part Ishown below. Traffic Travis – Product Review – Traffic Hype Or RealityYou are able to block directory traversals, SQL queries, WP specifics, field truncation, executablefiles, etc. SEOPressor – WordPress SEO Simplified – converted by
  2. 2. files, etc. SEOPressor – WordPress SEO Simplified – Product ReviewedYou also have an option to enter an email address to get notified of any hacker attempts. List Building DefinedIn a nutshell, this plugin detects, intercept, log suspicious parameters, and prevent from hacking.It does protect other plugins too from getting hacked.Coming to the priceWP Safe Lock is currently going for measly $8.97 for single site licence. The good thing is youare secured with 30 days 100% money back guarantee so you are safe. You can try it for onemonth, and if you feel gratified then you can continue to use this plugin for good.However there are no monthly fees, so you do not have to pay again and again.$8.97 is not a big amount for your website to get secured coz there are lot more costly options butI know wise man and women would chose this one as the most economical and powerful option tosecure a WordPress website.I have some great bonuses lined up especially for you if you buy using the link below in the videodescription.The WP Safe Lock Bonuses are :An overview of Information product creationRebrand Redux – 22 ways to turn free rebrandable ebook in to fast cash10 steps to 3000 a monthHow to go from zero subscribers to 1000 within a week – A list building productFacebook shark – How to use facebook PPC to generate nice paydaysAffiliate Marketing know howOvercoming Objections – An offline product – Shut down the “no” before it even crosses thecustomer;s mind.$21000 in 21 days – A Live case studyPick Your Niche – A guide to creating and monetizing your own online niche business directorySo I have 10 bonuses ready for you which amounts to $877How to get WP Safe Lock Bonuses?Just click on the link in the video description, But WP safe lock for just $8.97 and you are entitledto receive all the bonuses I just mentioned.The only thing you need to do is send me the email on stating the subjectas WP safe lock bonuses and provide me the proof of purchase or receipt copy or anything thatproves you purchased the WP safe lock and I will verify it from my end.Upon successful verification I will send you the bonuses your way almost instantly.So look no further and get WP safe lock — Click Here to get it with bonuses. converted by
  3. 3. 8.97 More Details editor rating WP Safe Lock Bonus, WP Safe Lock ReviewLeave a ReplyYour email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *Name *Email *WebsiteComment Post Comment Notify me of followup comments via e-mailTAGS POLLS ABOUT THE AUTHORage 1 guaranteed service buy seo services canonicalization What traffic method do you use? I am Keyur Amin from Kenya. Full time Internet digi traffic generatorerror SEO Marketer and SEO enthusiast. For any suggestions and advice you may contact me here.bonus digifaceBook JV Group First 1essentialwordpress plugins traffic generator review guaranteed PPCservice free traffic to website free worpress plugins gettingtraffic to website Google first page ranking Google Top 10 Solo AdRanking Google Top 10 Rankings Internet Marketing in Nairobi most popularlist building defined Article Directorieswordpressrent a space seopressor productmarketing pdf sharing sites plugins offline Forum Postings Votereviews simple traffic solutions simpletrafficsolutions review simple traffic solutions scamsimple traffic solutions bonus View Resultsthe best wordpress plugins top wordpress plugins Traffic Polls Archive converted by
  4. 4. the best wordpress plugins top wordpress plugins TrafficTravis reviews video seo video seo best practices video seomarketing Video Sitemap For A WordPress Site WP Safe LockBonus WP Safe Lock Review Privacy | Find us on Google+ © 2012 Keyur Amins Blog...All Rights Reserved Powered by WordPress | Designed by: Free WordPress Themes that Recommend Web Hosting Reviews converted by