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Kitengela Hot Glass and Anselm Croze create blown objects, dalle de verre, chandeliers, lamps, beads and full interiors from recycled glass in Kitengela, Kenya.

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Kitengela about-us-our-community

  1. 1. Home About Us What We Make How We Do It Shopping Contact Us ABOUT US WHAT WE MAKE HOW WE DO IT SHOPPING> Home > About Us > Our CommunityOur CommunityDespite being a small company, Kitengela Hot Glass assists as much as possible with the local andwider communities. Its broad-ranging contributions include following Fair Trade guidelines; paying About Usa staff of 35 well above standard wages; and providing them with loans, transport, medical, and The Studiocontrolled working hours and conditions. The studio also supports the local school in Tuala by Our Historysupplying desks, chairs, water during drought season, exam and reference materials, and The Experiencestorybooks. Our Community Links“We’ve also granted individual scholarships for the local orphanage,” says Anselm. “We’veplanted trees, repaired roads and collected garbage. Our directors donate time to charities andhave assisted in raising up to Ksh 4 million/year. This money is allocated on a case-by-case basis viaThe Craft Fair TrustIn addition, Kitengela Hot Glass donates more than 30 raffle prizes to a myriad of causes annually.In the coming years, the company is planning to focus on local adolescents in its vicinity. The goalhere is to help them to better connect with their environment (e.g., via tree planting, creating anearby park) and resident wildlife. Kitengela Hot Glass’s hope is that these efforts will stimulategreater appreciation for and pride in the “neighbourhood” among the young.“The picture below is of Oloosirkon Government Primary School/Shilinge Primary School andEmakoko Primary School children being visited by the Chanuka Express mobile bus,” explainsAnselm. “Its aim is to uplift young people through literacy and practical life skills education.Kitengela Hot Glass also funds monthly subscriptions to the Chanuka Express children’s newspaper.”One local student, Dennis Mokua, graduated at the top of his class from Oloosirkon in December2010. He scored 335 marks out of 500 which equates to a “B” average. Dennis’s ambition is tobecome a doctor. Ktengela Hot Glass paid his secondary school fees and expenses for 2011. Hefinished his first year in secondary with a B+ and was 6th out of 119. His results after his first term thisyear are again a B+ and he is 6th out of 136. We would like to move him to a school that wouldgive him a more rounded vocation but are hampered by our lack of knowledge in this area. Ifanybody has any suggestions we would love to hear them.“What Dennis has achieved is very impressive,” Anselm comments, “especially when you considerthe difficult learning environment at a poorly-funded school. In fact, Oloosirkon pupils depend onWorld Food Programme rations for lunch and must carry drinking water from their homes becauseour local river has become too polluted.”In the Neighbourhood converted by
  2. 2. ROLF’S PLACE:Rolf Schmid, the owner/chef and managing director, has worked as an executive chef for majorhotel chains all over the world. He has owned nine top restaurants in Kenya. Needless to say, hisfood rises to international standards. Meanwhile, Rolf’s Leopard Cliff Mansion, a boutique hotelsituated on the same property, overlooks Nairobi National Park and is accessed by a suspensionbridge that’s straight out of Indiana Jones. Chanuka ExpressHome About Us What We Make How We Do It Shopping Contact Us Website made in Kenya by Lamu Software. All content ©2012. Kitengela Hot Glass Ltd. converted by