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Mobile Testing - Keytorc Approach

Mobile Application Testing

Mobile access to broadband Internet has triggered the evolution on new type of mobile applications. Mobile applications are becoming complex day by day with newly added functionality/features and increasing number of channels/platforms available.

By properly automating mobile regression tests, any company may drastically reduce test preparation and execution efforts and may extremely benefit from the ease of execution and repeatability. With its diverse and extensive experiences in the field of software testing; Keytorc provides mobile testing services.

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Mobil Uygulamalar Nasıl Test Edilir?

Mobil cihazlardan yüksek hızlı internet erişiminin sağlanması ile beraber mobil uygulamaların gerek bireysel gerekse kurumsal kullanımı yoğun seviyelere ulaşmıştır. Bu durum paralelinde bu uygulamaların testlerine olan ihtiyacı da artırmıştır. Mobil uygulama testlerinde en önemli zorluk aynı testlerin çok farklı sayıda mobil cihaz üzerinde test edilme ihtiyacıdır. Bu zorluğu aşmak için mobil cihazları simule eden ve tekrarlayan testleri otomatize eden mobil test araçlarının kullanımı gerekmektedir.

Keytorc’un mobil uygulama test ekibiyle iletişime geçmek iç ya da

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Mobile Testing - Keytorc Approach

  1. 1. Mobile Testing Approach
  2. 2. Mobile Devices vs. Computers I can run the app from any location My computer is at work, but I need to run the app away from the office I need to use the app while commuting I spend time at locations where I can’t use my computer I don’t feel like turning on my computer I can run the app more easily and quickly on my smartphone Source: RingCentral, Nielsen
  3. 3. Generic Challenges 1 # of Platforms / OS 2 Device Variety 3 Displays Pixel Density 4 Hardware Complexity 5 App Complexity 6 Security 7 Carriers & Providers 8 Limitations over PCs 9 Native Apps vs. Mobile Web
  4. 4. Test Specific Challenges 1 Dynamic SDLCs 2 Need for Regression Testing 3 Back-end Testing 4 Performance Testing 5 Do not have the Right Tools 6 Lack of Mobile Testing Experts 7 No Time to Test 8 Do not have Right Methodology 9 Do not have the Devices & Environment
  5. 5. Guide to Mobile Testing Mobile Testers are Actors! They should act like; • Novice users, • Experienced users, • Generation X,Y,Z and C, • Developers, • Business Analysts, • Project Leaders, • Upper Managers, • Fans, • Hackers, • and also Competitors
  6. 6. Guide to Mobile Testing Mobile Testing should not be Stationery… • People generally do mobile testing in their offices, on their tables. • Once you do mobile testing on the table, you miss a lot of insights about real usage and mobility!!!
  7. 7. Mobile Testing Approaches - Devices Real Device Testing • True User Experience, Real Hardware & Real Performance, Realistic Results, More Coverage [+] • Is slow compared to Emulators [-] • Provider & Carrier issues [-] • Logistics & Cost [-] Emulator / Simulator Testing • Simple, Fast & Cheap [+] • Emulator Errors [-] • Do not reflect real hardware & carrier behavior [-] • Performance is high and this can be unrealistic [-] Cloud Testing • Logistics & Cost (Rent per hour) & Accessibility [+] • High variety of Devices (Swapping) & Scalability [+] • Cleaner & Greener Testing [+] • Security, Connectivity & Infrastructure problems [-]
  8. 8. Mobile Testing Approaches - Sourcing Inhouse Testing In-The-Lab Testing • • • • Easy to Control [+] Domain Knowhow [+] Capacity and Demand Constraints [-] Mobile Device Costs & Not Matching User Demographics [-] Outsourced Testing • • • • Professional and Independent Testers [+] Access to Range of Mobile Devices [+] Communication & Time-zone Problems [-] Hidden Costs [-] Beta Testing In-The-Wild Testing • • • • Logistics & Cost [+] High variety of Devices, Real Users, Carriers & Locations[+] Users are not Testers! [-] Reputation, Control and Security [-] Crowdsourced (Community) Testing • • • • Actual Users, Actual Devices & Professional Testers [+] Broad Range of Personas & Devices [+] Comparably Difficult Adoptation, Communication & Delivery [-] High Probability of False Defect Detection [-]
  9. 9. Mobile Testing Approaches – Test Types
  10. 10. + More than 350 corporate clients… Testing Center of Excellence Test Automation Services Performance Testing Services Test Maturity Assessments (TMMi, TPI, customized) Value-added Outsourcing Service Level Agreements ISTQB Certified Test Engineers ISTQB Foundation Level ISTQB Advanced Level Test Analyst Technical Test Analyst Test Manager Test Automation Course Performance Testing Course Mobile Testing Course Usability Testing Course
  11. 11. + + Turkey Software Quality Report
  12. 12. + TestIstanbul Conferences
  13. 13. Contact Bize Ulaşın Keytorc Software Testing Services