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The document outlines KMGs capabilities in the Health IT sector. Key Management Group (KMG) provides software services to Hospitals, Billing Companies, EMR Companies, Transcription Companies & Physicians. View more details at

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Health IT Services

  1. 1. Capability Statement – Healthcare IT
  2. 2. An OverviewFounded in 1990Head Office in New YorkDevelopment Centers in New York & IndiaProvides Development & Support ServicesExpertise in Insurance & HealthcareTechnology Agnostic team of 300Flexible Client Engagement ModelsMember of HL7 OrganizationWide Spectrum of Technology Platforms
  3. 3. Mobile Apps System EMR/HIEIntegration Systems ServiceseLearning HL7Solutions Interfaces Patient Portals & Intranets
  4. 4. Health IT Standards• Building HL7 compliant Interfaces between multiple applications – Example : Data transfer between Hospitals & Mobile Apps – Can build interfaces to / from EMRs, Hospital Systems, Labs & Clearing houses• Extensive Experience in, – ONC requirements & Healthcare processes – Building Applications conforming to HIPAA standards – CCD / CCR / HealthStory standards – Connect & Project Direct – esMD Project – Implementing ICD9 / ICD10, SNOMED, LOINC, DICOM• Also Providing MU Compliance Consulting
  5. 5. Health IT Products & Data Providers• Proven track record of Integration with leading providers of medical data and services, – Emdeon – SureScripts – Zynx Health – First Data bank – 3M
  6. 6. Mobile Apps• Both Physician & Patient Centric Applications• Expertise available for interfacing the apps with underlying EMRs• Showcase Apps, – myGiTrack : For tracking the GI events – DokTalk : Collaboration tool for Physicians from a Hospital – LabAlert : Lab Result Alerter – DocAide : App for pulling information from an EMR and capturing new notes• iPhone / iPad / Androids / Blackberry
  7. 7. Portals & Intranets• Patient Portals• HIE related work• B2C Portals (see• Sharepoint based Employee Intranets for Hospitals• Linking portals & web sites to Social Media Sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)• Corporate Presence Web Sites• CMS Based Sites – Joomla – Drupal – LifeRay
  8. 8. eLearning Solutions• SCORM compliant LMS & LCMS• Hosted / Owned Model• Over 10,00 Courses Developed• Experienced Instructional Designers
  9. 9. Technology Agnostic
  10. 10. Products Represented• MedScribe – A full-function PMS + EMR Built by Doctors for the Doctors• Opt! – Wound care and Hyperbaric Management System• Asset Tracker – RFID Based Asset Tracker. Also has a GPS based add-on module to track vehicles• heartBeat – Real-time Metric-based Analytics Tool linked to dynamic Dashboards
  11. 11. • Certified by CCHIT for the ONC – ATCB for 2011 -12 Stage 1 criteria• Conforms to Meaningful Usage Guidelines• Developed for Ambulatory care Practices• Integrated to scheduler, billing & claims, ePrescription and Lab Order modules• Built-in Patient Portal• Equipped with eRx & Quality reporting initiatives• Multiple Ownership models• Read more at
  12. 12. • Customizable, secure and HIPAA Compliant Wound care Management Software• Easy Maintenance of treatment schedules and calendars• Easy transfer of treatment details to EMR & billing systems• Detailed Outcome Analysis
  13. 13. Success Stories EMRs• EMR : MedScribe – CLIENT : US based Software Company | TECHNOLOGY : Microsoft stack (WPF/WCF/SQL) – With a full-function EMR integrated to Scheduling, Eligibility verification, Pre- Authorization, Front Office Correspondence, Patient Check In / Out, Exam Rooms, CPOE, ePrescription and Coding / Billing & Claim Handling, this HL7 complaint system was built from scratch in less than 2 years. It has been certified for the Stage 1 MU criteria by CCHIT. Work is underway to make it Stage 2 compliant• EMR : MedPrime – CLIENT : US based Software Company | TECHNOLOGY : Java-based UI with iSeries – The client had an established PMS system on the iSeries (RPG/DB2). They asked KMG to add an EMR module to their existing product. KMG has developed a Java based system that uses the DB2 database and many of the existing RPG programs and yet works off the internet on a browser. The application is currently under development and will be released in May’12. It will comply with the Stage 1 MU criteria.
  14. 14. Success Stories Interfaces and Portals• Coding & Billing – CLIENT : US based Software Company | TECHNOLOGY : Microsoft stack (C# with Proprietary Framework) – A Coding & Auditing add-on for an existing hospital based information system. KMG built a portal that would use the progress notes entered into the system and show them to the coders & billers. KMG took less than a month to understand their existing framework (a mix of technologies). Seamlessly integrated into the existing system in less than 6 months, the portal presents the pending encounters to coders with the work distributed running off a rules engine. The coded entries are queued for audit/compliance based on another set of rules.• Patient Portal – CLIENT : US based Software Company | TECHNOLOGY : Microsoft stack (ASP.NET with XML) – An extension to an existing EMR application to enable patients to view their medical history, medication, problem history, drug allergies, lab results, request appointment & refills and even initiate a dialog with their physicians. KMG built the HL7 compliant portal to push / pull data from the existing EMR as well as Google Health. It can be interfaced with any other EMR that can send/receive HL7 messages.
  15. 15. Success Stories Mobile Apps• EMR to go – CLIENT : US based Software Company | TECHNOLOGY : iPad / Android SDKs – A subset of an EMR has been ported to the iPad & Android environments. This app allows the physicians to access the patient data (including the patient history) on a tablet. The physician is then able to create a text based note on the phone/tablet. The App pulls & pushes data to the underlying EMRs using an HL7 interface or an offline connectivity• Lab Results Alerter – CLIENT : KMG (Mobile App) | TECHNOLOGY : iPad / Android SDKs – Interfaced to the lab results database using HL7 API’s of an EMR, the app allows the physicians to receive & view alerts related to lab orders placed by them. A brief summary of the results, lab’s interpretation of the results & the patient demographics are available
  16. 16. Success Stories Application Development• CDA Translation Application – CLIENT : US based Software Company | TECHNOLOGY : Microsoft stack – KMG created a very complex environment where the client can receive patients’ medical data in 12 formats (Including CCR, CCD, Healthstory). This data is stored in a data repository that can handle all possible data formats. The application includes an on-demand data export into any requested format. – The system supports receiving & sending data thru Connect, HL7 interface, esMD, Verizon’s MDE, SFTP & Web Services (Some under development)• Facility on Map – CLIENT : US based Software Company | TECHNOLOGY : GWT (Google Web Toolkit) – The client has over 40 hospitals / medical facilities across the country. Solution represents graphical presentation of billing, collections, AR, patients attended numbers & trends on a map. Drill down capability for granular data analysis and decision-making. Integrated to a DB2 database
  17. 17. Success Stories Application Development• Purchase Requisition Approval System – CLIENT : US based 300-bed Hospital | TECHNOLOGY : Sharepoint 2010 & C# – Solution uses the Active Directory based authorization and to enter the purchase requisitions, verify budget availability and approve/reject/view requisition status. The application is linked to the hospitals Budget Planning Application (Also developed by KMG)• Budget Planning & Tracking Application – CLIENT : US based 300-bed Hospital | TECHNOLOGY : ASP.NET with SQL – Browser based Application for creating budgets & tracking the usage. Inputs from Meditech and other systems are interfaced into this application• Reports & Alerts – CLIENT : US based 300-bed Hospital | TECHNOLOGY : Microsoft stack / NPR Reporting (Meditech) – Multiple solutions based on Meditech. Some examples, – Sending HL7 based patient medical history to a smart card application – Track time taken for making the bed available for admission once a patient is discharged – Track time taken for completing lab/radiology tests flagged as critical. The system sends email alerts
  18. 18. Success Stories Legacy Support & Migration• Billing & Coding Application – CLIENT : US based Billing Company | TECHNOLOGY : iSeries (RPG with DB2) – The company’s IT department could not focus on other IT initiatives other then serving ever increasing customer reporting needs and responding to ad- hoc customer queries. This resulted in project backlogs. KMG helped the client by taking over the entire production support work including the enhancement work. An offshore managed by an onsite liaison person helps meet the end user expectations• Billing & Coding Application – CLIENT : US based Billing Company | TECHNOLOGY : Java iSeries (RPG with DB2) – The client has a legacy system running on System i for past 20 years. No desire to rewrite the entire system. Challenge was to acquire new clients because of the green screen interface. KMG cleaned the RPG code and files to separate the legacy UI from the business logic. The business logic was encapsulated into web-services and a UI written in Java uses these to access the RPG business logic.
  19. 19. Some Clients from the Healthcare IndustryWe serve everyone - Hospitals, Ambulatory Practices, Software Companies,Health IT Service Providers, Mobile Apps, eCommerce Solutions…. How may we assist you?
  20. 20. Contact InformationKey Management Group, Inc.125 Baylis Road, Suite 260Melville, NY - 11747Ph : 631-777-2424Fax :