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Screen Printing Machines


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In the modern life screen printing is the most popular technique used in many industries. Screen printing is a great way to make clothes attractive particularity t-shirts and caps. Screen Printing Machines and Kit available at Keygadgets are one of the best quality equipment available for screen printing. The price of the kits are affordable for every customer. You will definitely be impressed by the quality of the equipment.

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Screen Printing Machines

  1. 1. Pad Printing Equipment and Machines Pad printing is a printing process that can transfer a 2-D image onto a 3-D object. We offer all kinds of Pad Printing Equipment and Machines. The ink cup sizes of pad printing machine are in the range from 60mm to 120 mm, which is helpful for wide range of production needs.Our pad printing equipments are made with the alloy structure which is light weight and more reliable so it is much handier to use. We offer company products with the latest advanced versions that meet the user requirements. You can easily buy our product on this website which is highly user friendly. We ship orders in multiple countries and have very low shipping charges.
  2. 2. Product Code: K-SER-ZERO-KIT Availability: Immediate (shipped in 3-5 working days) 239.00€ The K-SER ZERO is a screen printing press, optimal for printing t-shirts ( AVAILABLE IN THE NEW COLOR BLACK METALLIC) Equipped with gas spring to support the frame during the printing process, the printing machine can mount frames in wood and aluminum.The wooden top which is also the maximum printing surface, measuring 38 x 54cm. is shaped to facilitate insertion of the shirt. Screen Printing t-Shirt Press + Kit Screen Printing t-Shirt Press + Kit The K-SER ZERO has adjusting screws that allow it to adapt to frames of different thickness. The press is screwed on a table or a hard floor. This is a world exclusive of 2014 created, designed and distributed only by keygadgets world exclusive.
  3. 3. Our company has extensive experience in the printing industry, a sector which has been operating for over 40 years. Our professionalism and experience are at your disposal to satisfy your every need. We also specialize in: quality and low prices. About Us
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  5. 5. Address : KEY Via Giuseppe di Vittorio, sn - Pescara (PE) 65123 Phone : +39 338 8743541 : Contact Us