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Why is social media important?


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Why is social media important?

  1. 1. Why is social mediaimportant?and how do I incorporate it in what I do?
  2. 2. SocialInstinctKeithCrowellVP ofSocialMedia@keycrow
  3. 3. Where does social media matter?
  4. 4. Sales
  5. 5. 77% of B2C marketers said they acquireda customer via Facebook.65% 47% 1/3of B2B marketerssaid they acquiredcustomers viaLinkedInof B2B marketersactively usingLinkedInof global buyers usesocial media toengage vendors.75% expect to usesocial media in futurepurchase processSource: www.jeffbullas.comSales
  6. 6. Support
  7. 7. 78%of consumers believe social media willbecome the dominant method for them tocommunicate with companies.58% 20% 59%of customers havetweeted about a badexperience with acompany and have neverreceived a responseof top Fortune 500companies engage theircustomers on Facebook.This includes listening,engaging, and respondingto customer questionsof customers will switchbrands to get betterserviceSource: dailyinfographic.comSupport
  8. 8. Hiring
  9. 9. 92% of US companies have used social media forrecruiting.7 out of 10 1in5 66%of employers havesuccessfully hired acandidate usingsocial mediajobseekers had acontact share a jobwith them onFacebookof recruiters useFacebook to findtalentSource: socialtimes.comHiring
  10. 10. Social Media Check Up Is your current strategy addressingyour business needs? Are you reaching the rightaudience? Are you continuing to grow youraudience? Do you have a content strategy? What success metrics are youtracking?✔✔✔✔✔
  11. 11. AudienceChannel Identification and CreationYouCompetitionWhere you shouldstart.
  12. 12. Content Development and Distribution
  13. 13. S M T W T F STypes of content and distribution.tweets and postsblogsebooksimagespresentationspodcastsvideos
  14. 14. Community ManagementOwnership ExecutionIn-house Outsource?
  15. 15. SocialMediaPublishingSocialListening/Monitoring
  16. 16. Metrics and Analytics
  17. 17. GrowthAdoptionEngagementResponsivenessRelevancySatisfactionMetrics and AnalyticsCategory Score TotalGrowth 12.43 15Adoption 6.31 10Engagement 4.14 10Responsiveness 4.97 5Relevancy 5.00 5Satisfaction 4.00 5Score 36.84 50Community Health Index
  18. 18. Keith CrowellVice want to haz Social Media?Click the card tocontact us and findout more