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Exclusive Chess Tables With Boards and Pieces


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For purchasing chess tables you can contact Bello games New York at 866-570-4448. They sell pokers, Bingo and others. For more information Visit Us @

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Exclusive Chess Tables With Boards and Pieces

  1. 1. Exclusive Chess Tables You Can PurchaseIf you are a learner in chess then there are different types of the chess board materials you have to know. Bylooking into the durability the wooden and plastic are the best choice. On the other hand while gifting for thekids you can check different factors as the accessibility is very important. While traveling for long distancesthe magnetic chess can be used for playing as the coins do not fall and stick in the place firmly. They can befolded easily as they are very compact. Based on the shape of the board the coins has to be used otherwise itwill slip and slide in the hollow shape.Types Of Chess Tables  The chess tables are selected based on the place and the purpose as some can be used in the tournaments.  The giant boards are placed either in the terrace or in the backyard to have a different playing experience.  Also make sure that it easily fixes your décor as many themed sets are available.  For example if the chess table has a Harry Potter or any other hero then the kids would show much interest to play with.  Based on the type of the furnishings you can look ahead of the different chess pieces.  Plywood, softwood, cherry and Rosewood are some of the common materials used for the manufacture.  The backgammon insertions are an additional feature that has the terrific gaming strategy.People love to collect the antique forms not only in the boards but also in the table. The color also plays animportant role in selecting the materials as it provides a modern look with it. Based on the size and the typeof the chess material you can select the table with the doubling cube.
  2. 2. You can also find them in the park en carved in the cement benches. Here some of the models have the stopwatch attached with it for the players. They can be used either as a decorative material or with a seriousplaying need. Recently I saw one type online that exactly looks like a center table. You can check with thefurniture first and then based on it you can print the game on it. The wooden material would be moreconvenient when compared to the other types. It might be a game table or the board you can have an easyaccess towards it.For More Information Contact Us @BelloGamesNewYorkIncNewYorkUnited StatesTel : 866-570-4448E-Mail : info@bellogamesnewyork.comWebsite :