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Graphic Design thinking: beyond brainstorming


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You can understand how to define your question, find the key problem and solve it by this method.

You can use this concept not only solved problem but design product.

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Graphic Design thinking: beyond brainstorming

  1. 1. Design Thinking
  2. 2. What’s Design thinking 為各種議題尋求創新解決⽅方案的⽅方法。︒。 以⼈人為本的設計精神與⽅方法,考慮⼈人的 需求、︑、⾏行為,也考量科技或商業的可⾏行 性。︒。
  3. 3. It’s Design thinking
  4. 4. How it works ?
  5. 5. You will learn Define RIGHT question Inspiration Prototype
  6. 6. Define the RIGHT question Brainstorming - 發散、︑、聚焦、︑、發散、︑、聚焦 Mind mapping - 聚焦、︑、分⽀支、︑、整理、︑、細分 Interviewing - 找到對的⼈人、︑、開放態度 Focus Group
  7. 7. Inspiration Forced connection (洗⾐衣咖啡廳) Everything from everywhere(Haiti poster project)
  8. 8. See you next time