Narendra Modi The Next CM


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Narendra Modi The Next CM

  1. 1. "Do we want THE change??"
  2. 2. NarendraBhai Modi A Man With Mission A Leader With Conviction An Executive With Vision
  3. 3. Leadership Qualities • Mass Leader: “Individual efforts can bring Excellence but only collective efforts can deliver effectively.” • Obsessed with Development of Gujarat: “Our Goal is Gujarat’s growth for India’s growth.” • Dream Big, Aim for The Best: “Dreams are not seen when you sleep, dreams are those that don’t let you sleep.” • Workaholic To The Core • Service Beyond The Self • Inclusive Growth- Where No One Is Left Behind
  4. 4. The fact that GDP growth rate in Gujarat has been 11.05% over the past few years as against the national value of 9% is something one cannot overlook.
  5. 5. FACTS • Gujarat ranks number one in The Economic Freedom Index as per the research conducted by none other than The Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. • Gujarat has only 5% of India’s population and 6% of its geographical area, but its contribution to India in terms of "Value of Output" is 16.10%; in terms of exports it is 16% and in terms of stock market capitalization it is 30%. • Gujarat is one of the most industrialized states of India. Gujarat has a 16.2% share in India’s industrial production whereas the percentage of man-days lost in Gujarat due to labor strife is just 0.52% - the lowest in the country. • Gujarat surpassed the target of 10.2% set by the Planning Commission for the 10th five-year plan compared to the average of 8.2% for the entire country, achieving a growth rate of 15% in the first year itself.
  6. 6. FACTS • Gujarat accounts for 54% of India’s onshore crude oil production. • 50% of India’s natural gas production. • 46% of India’s installed refining capacity and 60% of India’s total crude oil import facility. • Gujarat today has one of the best infrastructures in the country comprising of 11 airports, 1 international airport, an extensive rail network and a robust road network of over 74,000 km. A total of 17,763 out of the 18,028 villages (98.53%) of Gujarat are connected with pucca roads (concrete roads), the best in the country. • Gujarat has coastline of over 1600 km, the longest in the country, is dotted with 41 ports, which handle over 25% of India’s total cargo.
  7. 7. Indian Economy-Current Scenario • The economy of India is the 9th largest in the world by nominal GDP and the 3rd largest by Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) • On a per-capita-income basis, India ranked 141st by nominal GDP and 130th by GDP (PPP) in 2012, according to the IMF. • India is the 19th largest exporter and the 10th largest importer in the world. • The economy slowed to around 5.0% for the 2012–13 fiscal year compared with 6.2% in the previous fiscal. • Exports • Imports $409.1 billion (2013 est.) $638.6 billion (2013 est.)
  8. 8. If Narendra Modi Becomes The Next Prime Minister Of India?
  9. 9. If Narendra Modi Becomes The Prime Minister Then… • The Economy of India will be under 3rd rank in the world by nominal GDP. • The Economy will be under 50th rank by GDP (PPP) • India will become independent largest Exporter. • Export value will increase by 200%.
  10. 10. Why We Want Him As The Next PM? In Narendra Modi, India has a politician with most required qualities to change the tide. It is not any exaggeration to say that, after his experience and experimentation with Gujarat, he probably has the answers to all the problems that the nation is facing today. He is not only the best choice but perhaps the Only Choice to Lead the Country.
  11. 11. "If pockets are empty, there will be violence. If people are jobless, there will be violence. Now that everyone is getting jobs, why should there be riots"
  12. 12. "I’m sending every Child to School, I’m Providing Healthcare to every Citizen, and I’m giving Everyone a Share of the Fruits of Development.”
  13. 13. Industrialist Anil Ambani : "If Gujarat was a separate country, it would stand in a different league among some of world’s most flourishing and prosperous countries"