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Kewal Summary Switchgear


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Kewal\'s swithgear profile

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Kewal Summary Switchgear

  1. 1. PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY<br />Electrical Design/Programming Engineer with over ten (10) years of proven experience in the fields of Electrical Designing, Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance and Troubleshooting and PLC Programming. Responsibilities consist of electrical design and development of switchgears, Low & Medium Voltage switchboards, PLCs, HMI’s, Transformers and Power and Motor Control Centers. Experience has led to knowledge in AutoCAD Inventor, AutoCAD MEP 2010, ISO – 9000/14000 series, HACCP, TQM, Kaizen, WHMIS, LVSM, and BME.<br />EDUCATION<br />Master of Science in Engineering Management from UT-Austin, May-2010<br />Bachelor in Electrical Engineering with first class distinction, GPA3.8/4.0 Gujarat University-INDIA<br />Diploma in Electrical Engineering from Technical Education Board –INDIA <br />CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT<br />LVSM - Low Voltage Switchgear and Maintenance – L &T Switchgear Division<br />BME – Breaker Maintenance for Engineers – L & T Switchgear Division<br />ISO – 9000/14000 series, HACCP, TQM, Kaizen, WHMIS, Safety<br />OSP Fundamental and Design Training with AT&T-California<br />PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE<br />April 2009 to August 2009<br />VAM USA, HOUSTON, TX (Consultant thru’ Techni power Inc.)<br />Electrical & Controls Engineer <br />Designed and Implemented required hardware for switching DOS based software for Bucking on pipe and coupling of premium connections to new Windows based automatic torque measuring and recording software which includes Data Acquisition , Allen Bradley PLC, Solid state switching relays and Lab View<br />Designed and successfully laid out automatic bypass of some of the optional steps in making premium threads of OCTG pipe connections with Allen Bradley SLC 5/05<br />Ensure compliance with NEMA controls specifications, industry codes, Quality Management System and equipment is manufactured within CAPEX budgets <br />Obtain competitive quotes and issue purchase requisitions for electrical components ensuring compliance with specifications <br />Liaised with other project engineers, customers, suppliers and other departments to ensure scheduled contract completion of sub projects within main project<br />Assisted Sales/Proposals Department with production of cost estimates and review of technical specifications <br />Assisted project engineers with contract cost status reports as required <br />Carried out other tasks as designated by the Engineering Director and Vice President<br />Modified and Programmed with various series of Allen Bradley PLC's, HMI or System Integration<br />October 2008 to April 2009<br />QUEST LLC. HOUSTON,TX <br />Electrical Design Engineer <br />Worked as a senior electrical engineer handling a team of four EE and Controls engineer for GE-Energy(AEP), Design team from Houston plant<br />Designed support for GE’s LM6000, LM2500 and LMS100 Aero derivatives power plant packages as per customers’ requirement in CM&U (Customized Modifications and Upgrades)division <br />Created and maintained PLC and SCADA software for GE Fanuc and Woodward<br />Applied knowledge and design codes as per IEC, ANSI, NEMA and CSA for customized mobile power plant up to the size of 100MW based on gas turbine as a prime mover <br />Created and maintained existing and new single line, three line diagrams, BOM, schematic and controls system blueprints and worksheets also modifies them as per new design requirement and guidelines given by the customer <br />Technical Liaison with supplier and customer <br />Utilized AutoCAD, Inventor, Oracle and its customized version DWB for all of the Design works<br />Technical support to the Sales, Projects, Production, Test and Customer Support Departments for CM&U division of GE-AEP<br />July 2007 to October 2008<br />ADESTA BROADBAND NETWORKS, OMAHA, USA <br />Outside Plant (OSP) Design Engineer <br />Worked in a project called Project Light Speed by doing F2 side conditioning with AT&T –Austin as an OSP Engineer. As a result of this project City of Austin is able to have an advantage of AT& T U-Verse services. Which is capable of delivering High speed Internet, Digital Phone and a HD cable TV all in one line<br />Developed cost effective designing methods which is one way to save budget without sacrifice time, design quality or any other major implacable thing.<br />Applied knowledge and design codes of FCC for Telecom Network design(Using Copper and Fiber optic cables)<br />Upgraded blueprints and modifies them as per new design conception in project Light speed.<br />Utilized AutoCAD-2007 and its customized version OPTI-NT for all of the Design works<br />June 2004 to June 2007<br />APOLLO GROUP OF COMPANIES, CONCORD, CANADA <br />Industrial Electrician <br />Performed trouble shooting work on Allen-Bradley SLC-500,GE-Fanuc and Siemens S5 PLC controlled machinery<br />Designed layout, Installed and Commissioned also developed 24/48V Control and 208V AC Power schematic diagrams for new packaging machinery as well maintenance of L.V.Motor control centers which includes Switch fuse Unit ,Direct-on-line (DOL) and soft starters in the high speed packaging environment<br />Redesigned L.V.Control system in some of the existing packaging machinery by introducing PLC simulation in its bottle unscramble with filler for better productivity at higher efficiencies.(develop automation program with PLC codes)<br />Introduced safety checklist for each operating equipment of the production lines as per CSA & IEC standards also develop a computer sheet which reflects list of particular CSA & ULc L.V.Swithgear ratings as per their equivalent of NEMA & IEC for the inventory purpose which was also helpful at the time of annual electrical inspection of local authority <br />Preventive maintenance of 600/208 V Power Transformers, PF Correction Centers, Battery chargers and Low and Medium Voltage Motor and Power Control Center<br />Operating knowledge of facility equipments such as boiler, cooling tower, chilled water plant as well water softening plant including their controls <br />October 2003 to April 2004<br />ABC GROUP PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT, BRAMPTON, CANADA<br />Industrial Electrician <br />Installed, Commissioned and did Erection of new plastic recycling machinery for all of its divisions<br />Designed L.V. and M.V Control and Power transformers, Enclosures and switchgears for above installed machineries as per CSA & ULc standards<br />Preventive, Predictive and Breakdown maintenance with plant machinery such as dryers, grinders, chilling plant and blow molding machines<br />Performed trouble shooting work with PLC controlled/robotics machinery<br />Laying of EMT conduiting and drawing of 3- 600 V power and 48VControl cables as per CSA standards<br />1997 to 2003<br />MOTHER DAIRY, GHANDHINAGAR INDIA<br />Junior Electrical Engineer <br />Mother Dairy has Asia's biggest automated dairy plant capable of processing 3.5Millions liters of milk in 13 different products with ISO-9002, 14001 and HACCP Certification <br />Designed and implemented preventive and predictive schedule of plant machineries such as milk separators, plate heat exchanger, ammonia compressors, chillers and steam generators (16MT Boiler) including its low and medium voltage switchgears<br />Designed, Ordered and Installed 2* 2000KVA ONAN cooling types of power transformers for plant expansion<br />Solved problems in high(11KV) and low voltage(440V)AC power and motor control centers (PCC and MCC) which includes DOL, wye-delta and soft starters and L.V.Swithgear such as CB’s, Enclosures and SFU’s.<br />Designed and implemented schematic diagrams 3-Ph. A.C. / D.C. motors, transformers and lighting systems including plant lighting and street lighting<br />Designed emergency lighting system and required L.V. switchgear(as per IEC)component for whole plant using 2*110 KVA power generators <br />Based on plant load calculations designed 2*600 KVAR L.V. rated Auto PF Correction panels as a result of which dairy saved straight 15% in its tariffs by maintaining almost unity power factor even in peak load hours <br />SKILL SET<br />Proficient in advanced use and calibration of operating high end testing tools used in electrical field – oscilloscopes, multimeters, stroboscope etc.<br />Operating systems: Microsoft Windows (95 up to Vista), Linux (Red Hat 8.0 - limited)<br />Knowledge of Basic, C, C++ and Visual Basic and Lab View<br />Familiarity with office suites and charts (w. Microsoft Project and Visio)<br />Computer Aided Design (AutoCAD, Inventor, CATIA, OPTI, ARES,DWB )<br />Design and Implementation of a solution for 11KVand 440V relay co ordination<br />Networking skills (Small network of about ten computers: design and implementation using Routers, switches and hubs)<br />CREDENTIALS<br />Canadian “Industrial Electrician” Red seal license <br />Allen-Bradley PLC control certificate course from George brown college <br />Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA-2.0)<br />Microsoft Certified Professional <br />Soft skills: <br />Strong analytical, decision making and problem solving abilities<br />Good team player and able to work long hours to meet deadlines<br />Professional communication skill including proficiency in English<br />