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Get Back Up


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Have you ever fallen down and can’t seem to find the strength to get back up?

Published in: Self Improvement
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Get Back Up

  1. 1. Get Back Up back- up December 10, 2012Get Back Up!Have you ever fallen down and can’t seem to find the strength to get back up?Click Here to Watch my Video on YouTube!Do you think you’ve got it bad? Do you need some encouragement?We are put in situations to build our character……not to destroy us.We must choose to LOVE living life and choose to be HAPPY, no matter what!But remember this, along the way, you might fall down. So…what do you do when you fall down?You get back up!Everybody KNOWS to get back up because if you try walking BEFORE you get back up, you’re notgoing to get anywhere!There are some times in life, where you fall down and you feel like you don’t have the strength toget back up.Do you think you have hope?Because, I tell you…when you’re down, I mean face down, and you feel like it is utterly impossiblefor you to get back up……it’s not.You see…I will try 100 times to get up and if I fail 100 times; if I fail and if I give up, do you think I amever going to get up?NO!If I fail, I try again and again and again. I just want you to know that it’s not the end. It matters how
  2. 2. you’re going to finish.Are you going to finish strong? You will find that strength to get back up!Celebrate your life over your limitations! If you fail, are YOU going to try again? The human spiritcan handle much more than we realize. It matters HOW you are going to FINISH! Are you going tofinish STRONG?The challenges in our lives are there to STRENGTHEN our CONVICTIONS. They are NOT there torun us over.Have you ever felt broken, alone, pointless? …like there was no point to your life? Have you everfelt bitter? I never met a bitter person who was thankful…or a thankful person who was bitter.Be thankful for what you HAVE, not bitter for what you do not have. In life, you have a choice…“bitter” or “better?” Choose BETTER, forget bitter.I love living life. I am happy.“If I f ail, I t ry again and again and again..”~Nick VujicicInspire someone. Share this video. Pass it on. Pay it forward.Get Back Up!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~If you liked this content, please ‘like and share.’Skype: www.kevinsousa.wsClick Here t o Work Wit h Me Personally.p.s. How t o Earn $1200 per Day, t he Easy Way!Click Here t o f ind out how!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~About The Author: Kevin SousaFor more t han 30 years, I have list ened t o t housands of audio recordings andpersonally counseled wit h some of t he most highly successf ul people in t heworld. I’ve at t ended hundreds of seminars and read count less books onmot ivat ion, skill wit h people, at t it ude and t he psychology of success. The very specialpeople who became my ment ors and best f riends, gave me not hing but help, pat ience,underst anding and love as I mat ured in personal growt h. For t hat I am f orever grat ef ul. Now Ipay it f orward. Decide what you want . Believe you can have it . Believe you deserve it .Believe it ’s possible f or you. Then close your eyes every day f or several minut es t ovisualize already having what you want and t he f eelings of already having it . Come out oft hat and f ocus on what you’re grat ef ul f or already and really enjoy it . Then go int o t he dayand release it t o t he universe. Trust t hat t he universe will f igure out how t o manif est it .Then be aware of t he people, circumst ances and event s t hat surround you, t o help you
  3. 3. achieve your goals and dreams. Act on f ait h, f eel t he f eelings and be grat ef ul as t hough youhave already achieved your purpose. Commit To Your Dreams! ~ Kevin Sousa